Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon Bury the Hatchet in 'West Side Story' Sing-along

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In a show of solidarity, or something like that, Jimmy Fallon opened his show last night with an unlikely duet: a parody of West Side Story's love song "Tonight" featuring his supposed nemesis, Tonight host Jay Leno. 

Of course, Leno and Fallon were never really feuding à la Leno and Conan. In fact, since this whole thing began Fallon has been respectful to his lead-in. So in their song on Late Night the two attempted to clear the air and make light of all of the media fuss. According to The Hollywood Reporter, sources say the segment was Fallon's idea, which makes sense, as musical bits are more of his thing. Though Kimberly Nordyke of THR reported that "the collaboration is an important and arguably the first savvy PR step in NBC's late-night saga as it signaled that there are no hard feelings between the two hosts," which is true, the two did not necessarily take it easy on their network.  

All of the hot late-night war topics were addressed in the duet: the host conflict, the question over whether the show will move to New York, even Leno's potential move to Fox. He sings: "Tonight, tonight, I've got Fox on the line / Or maybe I could take over for Dave." 

Of course the choice of song works on multiple levels. In the musical it's a love song between members of two rival street gangs. On Fallon it's a sort-of love song between two rival franchises. Then there's the whole business of the show being called The Tonight Show

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The duet was not the only way in which the current late night controversies were discussed on last night's programming. Both Leno and Jimmy Kimmel opened their shows with "April Fools'" jokes about NBC and The Tonight Show. While on his own terms Leno seems bitter, on Fallon he's more good-hearted about the whole thing. 

Watch the full duet here. Next time we hope someone gets Fallon, Leno, Kimmel, David Letterman and Conan O'Brien all together to sing the "Tonight Quintet" from the musical. It would be perfect.  

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