The Movies Need to Be Nicer to Old People

Today in show business news: Movie theaters need to cater more to the concerns of Baby Boomers, a Pitch Perfect 2 is on its way, and Tom Cruise can't stop doing stuff with aliens.

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Today in show business news: Movie theaters need to cater more to the concerns of Baby Boomers, a Pitch Perfect 2 is on its way, and Tom Cruise can't stop doing stuff with aliens.

Last month it was the kids who were saving the movie industry, according to some MPAA figures, but now some other researcher says that old people are the ones that the biz needs to pay attention to. Well, specifically movie theaters, and specifically Baby Boomers. See, a marketing research firm did a presentation at the theater owners convention CinemaCon today, saying that theaters need to "consider more sophisticated concessions for the 55+ crowd, including espresso, red wine, cookies or cake, cheese or 'something that doesn’t make my cholesterol go up.'" Aha. OK. Red wine at a movie theater. Sounds like a great idea, until everyone falls asleep after twenty minutes because that's what happens after one glass of red wine, duh (gotta keep drinking!). It was also stressed that studios need to make better movie trailers, because they're ultimately more important and effective than TV commercials. Right, because those old people are going to remember a movie they saw a trailer for six months ago instead of a TV commercial that's on every ten minutes. I doubt it, market research people. This sounds suspicious to me, this whole thing. Stick with the kids, movie theaters. If old people want red wine and espresso they can more to Italy for heaven's sake. And movie trailers are just fine. Keep 'em loud and full of spoilers, just like everyone likes them. Also be sure to play "All Star" in it. We all love that. [Deadline]

Also at CinemaCon, it was announced that we can expect a sequel to the college a cappella comedy Pitch Perfect sometime in 2015. So get ready for more of Anna Kendrick and those damn cups. That girl really loves those cups. I kid, I kid. Pitch Perfect was fun, and the sequel will have the same writer, Kay Cannon, so maybe it will be just as good the second time around. But there needs to be more kissing. That's just a fact. Not nearly enough kissing in the first Pitch Perfect. [Deadline]

Oh Stanley, no. Stanley Tucci, beloved by all but especially by Emily Blunt's sister, has signed on to appear in Transformers 4. Yup. That's the one that is at least sans Shia, but still. It's Transformers 4. Directed by Michael Bay. Why, Stanley, why? Do you and the sister Blunt need a new summer house or something? If that's the case, and it's some lovely place in Watch Hill or on Fishers Island, then I can understand. But otherwise? I just do not get it. You're Stanley Tucci! And it's Transformers 4. Those two things just should not go together. But, if it is for the house near Siasconset, you'd better invite me out this summer. [IndieWire]

Oblivion not being enough for him, Tom Cruise is doing another post-apocalyptic alien invasion movie. (What can he say, the guy's really into aliens.) He's signed on to star in Yukikaze, a sci-fi yarn based on a series of Japanese novels. The story "unfolds in the early 21st Century, three decades after the alien force JAM invaded earth through a dimensional porthole that appeared over Antarctica. While humans beat back the attack, they form a special combat force to eradicate the alien threat on its home planet." Cruise, I'm wildly guessing, will play the leader of said special combat force. So, just another day in the weird alien office for old Tom Cruise. Cruise is the name, aliens are the game. And everything else. [Deadline]

Speaking of apocalyptic alien invasions, the premiere of Syfy's new show Defiance, which has Julie Benz from Buffy and Dexter playing the mayor of futuristic St. Louis because why not, did very well last night. A total of 2.7 million souls watched the big premiere, 1.3 of those people between the ages of 18-49. That makes it the most successful premiere in the target demo since Eureka showed up seven years ago. That's encouraging news for the network, and very exciting for Julie Benz, who hopefully will never be stuck in another No Ordinary Family ever again. [Deadline]

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