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Well, at least no one blacks out this time. We think. Warner Bros. has released another trailer for The Hangover Part III, the sequel you never knew you needed, and while it's more of the same hijinks, the clip does actually provide some plot for this thing, which, as we suspected, does not follow the exact same formula as the first two in the series. But it does look really similar:

The Setup

What we know: Alan (Zach Galifianakis' pudgy weirdo) is mourning the death of his dad, played by Jeffrey Tambor. Alan, apparently, is off his meds. Alan's family stages an intervention to take him to get treatment. En route, things go awry.

Crazy stuff that goes down: Alan says and does tons of inappropriate things at a funeral, including appearing shirtless and insulting his mother. Alan cries. There's a lot of Alan.

The Action

What we know: Alan and the Wolf Pack—which inclues Bradley Cooper's Phil, Ed Helms's Stu, and Justin Bartha's Doug—get ambushed on the road by an angry (when isn't he?) John Goodman,  who wants to find out where Ken Jeong's terribly annoying Leslie Chow is. Doug gets kidnapped, because of course, and the gang meets Chow in Tijuana. 

Crazy stuff that goes down: Cockfighting, kissing, etc. 

The "Epic" Finale

What we know: Somehow they end up back in Vegas. 

Crazy stuff that goes down: At some point in the course of the movie a giraffe gets decapitated. (But we knew that already.) Also: Phil hangs off the side of a building, Heather Graham returns, and Melissa McCarthy shows up, too. Alan puts sunglasses on what we assume is the now grown-up baby from the first one. 

There's probably a happy ending. Unless things take a really weird turn. Which we kind of really hope they do, because this is all getting a little old.

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