Cory Monteith Checks into Rehab

Today in celebrity news: A Glee star seeks help, Chris Brown makes a slightly awkward Today show appearance, and Lena Dunham likes PDA.

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Today in celebrity news: A Glee star seeks help, Chris Brown makes a slightly awkward Today show appearance, and Lena Dunham likes PDA.

Glee star Cory Monteith, who has spoken openly about past problems with addiction, has checked himself into an unspecified rehab facility. His show is still in production, with producers planning to "proceed as scheduled, with the sudden absence of Monteith’s Finn explained." Which, sure. It's not like it would be abnormal for Glee to suddenly drop a character and move on. Actually I'm surprised that they're even bothering to explain it. That's so unlike them. But anyway, the point is that Monteith is getting help and that the Glee team is behind him and will welcome him back whenever he's ready. Though, would it maybe be better if they just canceled Glee? That's probably the best thing for everyone. Including us. [Deadline]

Chris Brown was on the Today show this morning and host Matt Lauer asked him about the incident a few years ago in which he beat up his girlfriend, Rihanna, while they were in a car. Brown says that he now realizes the error of his ways and that he's done the required counseling and that he and Rihanna are doing fine. Which, OK, I don't know why we're talking about this in this context — on the Today show with Matt Lauer, in 2013 — but oh well. I don't run the news. The real issue here is that at some point Chris Brown kinda laughs about domestic abuse? Like, Lauer asks him to assure the world that he will never do something like that again and he laughs. Maybe he's laughing at the oddness of the circumstances, there in the early morning talking about this thing with Matt Lauer, but I dunno. It seemed like a different kind of a laugh. What do you think?

Girls star/creator/everythinger Lena Dunham and her boyfriend, fun. band member Jack Antonoff, were seen out together at the end of last week, all cozy and make-out-y at some event featuring fashions by Antonoff's designer sister, Rachel. They were "openly making out" according to one alleged witness, which I guess they are allowed to do, right? They're both young and famous and rich, they can make out at fashion screenings or whatever if that's what gets them going. Whatever makes you happy, right? And can we really trust Page Six on this? I mean, they say that Antonoff is fun.'s lead singer. Which is not true! That wiggly worm guy is! So maybe this story is all hokum. Maybe they weren't making out. Maybe they were animatedly talking very close. Maybe they weren't at the event at all! Who knows. I mean, if you confuse the lead singer of fun. with the lead guitarist, can we really trust you on anything? [Page Six]

Julian Schnabel co-hosted, with model Stephanie Seymour, a baby shower for his fiancée May Andersen this weekend. At the event, Schanbel revealed a 20-foot-tall painting of Andersen naked and pregnant. Which is sort of awkward, isn't it? And a little too on-the-nose? Like, "Oh I am an artist, you are pregnant, and we are at your baby shower. So of course... Here's an enormous art thing of you naked and pregnant." It just fits a little too well into some cheesy idea of what someone would think artists in New York are like. This would happen on Sex and the City, is what I'm saying. So it's weird that it happened in real life. [Page Six]

Aw. It seems that Chris Martin, Coldplay singer and chief taster of Gwyneth Paltrow's strange invisible fiber foods, wanted to buy a house for his bandmates in Los Angeles — a place where they could crash and write and record and get away from, ahem, stress — and found a snazzy place in Brentwood. It was $4 million and he went into escrow on it and all seemed ready to go, but then, of course, the ol' ball and organic hemp chain got involved. Yeah, Gwyneth saw the inspection report and didn't like something about it, so she told him to back out. So, sorry, band. You were gonna have your fun music mansion with its pool and party times everything, but then that weird wicker witch had to get involved and say, "Please don't spend $4 million of our money on a house with a bad inspection report." What a jerk! [TMZ]

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