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They're not exactly the Oscars of online, but when this year's Webby nominations came out, we were convinced that Lena Dunham was going to take home yet another award for making Republicans angry in that Obama ad. But lo, the winners were announced this morning, and Lena got beat. By Charlize Theron. 

The Oscar-winning actress was crowned the winner in the "Best Individual Performance" category for her performance in Funny or Die's "Charlize Theron Gets Hacked." The web series Burning Love won the People's Voice award in that category. Nothing for Dunham.

Meanwhile, other Webby notables were granted "special achievement" prizes. The guy who created the GIF got one of those, as did Frank Ocean for being the "Webby Person of the Year," as did Kevin Spacey and Dana Brunetti for bringing House of Cards into our lives. And despite Dunham's loss for her Obama ad, Obama for America 2012 was crowned the "Webby Breakout of the Year." Because nothing says breakout like a reelection campaign and a bunch of trend pieces

Also, someone tell Justin Bieber his fragrance won the People's Voice prize in the "Social Media Campaigns" category.

You can watch Theron's Funny or Die video one more time here:

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