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So everyone in D.C. is likely still in bed, or throwing back two Tylenol and heading out for brunch right now. The nerds had their little prom. Obama made jokes, and Conan did too, and everyone looked great on the red carpet. Politico probably asked a bunch of stupid questions, because that's what they do. The White House Correspondents' Dinner was a wild success for another year. But now that it's the morning after, our main concern is what happened at the after parties, where the drinks flowed and some of the most and least powerful people in the world rubbed shoulders (among other things) late into the night. Here's what we could scrap together from the few reporters who stayed (somewhat) sober in D.C. last night: 

  • This might be my favorite bit of dinner party gossip. No, it definitely is. By a mile. Geraldo Rivera and Tracy Morgan had a deep heart-to-heart about growing up in Brooklyn, and Morgan talked about his father dying of AIDS when he was a teenager. (!) Now they're best friends. What. WHAT. No, seriously, whaaaaat?
  • Conan O'Brien gave a really great interview to New York, who, it should be noted, have been killing it with party reports all weekend, where he explained why he doesn't think the "headliner" is necessary and why he was ready to get some bad reviews after the speech. It's a great little talk, but I wanted to highlight the part where he talks about the role of the comedian at the White House Correspondents' Dinner and why he was an awkward choice to follow the President. He nails it here

I have a completely different energy than him. So when I first went up, it felt like: he’s the headliner. He’s very kindly calling me the headliner but he’s the headliner. It’s a very weird thing to have the leader of the free world and the coolest guy in the room do a solid 25 minutes of pure laughs and then touch us all at the end with his comments and then to say: now we need a comedian. You don’t! So I was thinking, like, well there’s no need for me. But I’m here and I’ve got good jokes, so let’s go.

  • Buzzfeed offered a counter programming party where every reporter and flack in D.C. without enough cache to get an invite to the real WHCD danced the night away while mostly ignoring the main event broadcast on the bar's TVs. The party was so packed they had to open another floor for people to mingle and dance. What we really want to know is what went down after the party at the hotel lobby, as they say. 
  • Vanity Fair has two galleries up this morning from their after party co-sponsored by Bloomberg. There are too many good unintentional photobombs to list so you'll have to click through them on your own. (Admit it, you're hungover and don't want to read that much anyway.) This one of Matthew Perry and Conan is definitely my favorite, though. Also this picture of Martin Short, Goldie Hawn and Rashida Jones drinking and laughing together makes my heart fill up with butterflies and sunshine. 
  • I will be completely honest with you: I am the last remaining person on earth, or at least the last remaining blogger, who has not seen House of Cards. I don't know what's going on here, but it's a scene from the BBQ with Buzzfeed after party and I get the impression everyone else may understand it better: 
  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Amy Poehler are endorsing Prince for 2016 and, sorry everyone, that's decided. You can all pack your things and go home now. They have it locked up. 
  • This photo would be one of the night's most absurd: 
  • ...if it wasn't for this one. This perfectly captures the ridiculous mess that is the White House Correspondants' Dinner: 

Alright, roll over and go back to bed, this disgrace is over. If you see anything around the web that we missed, feel free to send along a little message. Until next year, folks. 

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