Amanda Bynes Has a Friend

Today in celebrity news: Amanda Bynes is not alone, Justin Theroux likes scaring Jennifer Aniston, and Kim Kardashian is a normal human. 

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Today in celebrity news: Amanda Bynes is not alone, Justin Theroux likes scaring Jennifer Aniston, and Kim Kardashian is a normal human. 

Phew, we can all breathe easy. While poor Amanda Bynes, former child star turned troubled young adult, has been acting strangely for the past few months, wandering around New York in weird outfits and tweeting odd things, it's been easy to assume that she's alone in this endeavor. But it seems that she has at least one friend. She was spotted at Manhattan club Marquee on Saturday night with an unidentified gentleman. So, OK, she really shouldn't be at Marquee. I mean, no one should be at Marquee, but at least she was with someone! That has to count for something, right? I mean at least she's not in this sad thing completely by herself? Let's hope, anyway. Even though he's apparently some Marquee clubgoer, which ain't great, anyone is welcome at this point. Because this Amanda Bynes story is only going to get darker, I fear. [Page Six]

Justin Theroux likes to hide behind the drapes and scare his fiance Jennifer Aniston. Mmhm. Aniston is on the Ellen show today and that's what she tells Ellen, apparently. Specifically, Ellen asks, "Have you not ever scared anyone before? Don't you like to scare? Don't you hide when Justin comes home?" Which is a weird question to ask someone. Then Jen says, "No, he does that to me. Well, he calls it trickery. But he's constantly hiding behind drapes." Woof. I mean let's all agree that the sentence "Well, he calls it trickery" is a deeply weird one that we will be thinking about for a long time. But other than that, I like the implications of "he's constantly hiding behind drapes." Because she doesn't say THE drapes, like the drapes in their house. It's just general drapes. As if he could hide behind, I don't know, drapes on a Newport mansion tour and jump out and scare her — excuse me, trickery her. Just any old drapes. Find any drapes and there's a decent chance that Justin Theroux is hiding behind them, waiting to scare Jennifer Aniston. What a strange world we live in. Such mysteries and surprises. [Us Weekly]

This is a post all about how Kim Kardashian's body hair is growing back while she's pregnant. Apparently Kim is famous for getting electrolysis, but despite all that work, her pregnancy hormones are making the hair come back. There is an article about that, featuring a reference to Kardashian being a werewolf, if you like to read that kind of thing. I suppose in many ways she asked for this kind of attention by doing all the things that she's done, but at the same time, yikes. Like, one thing TMZ says is "her pregnancy hormones have reawakened the slumbering beast." The "slumbering beast" of common body hair. You'd get extensive electrolysis too if people were writing that about you for heaven's sake. TMZ's gross. I don't know. [TMZ]

Jonah Hill was apparently spotted in the lobby of the Mercer Hotel entertaining the affections of some young ladies and, at another table, talking with Arianna Huffington's sister, all while in his sweatpants. Yes. Sweatpants, at 11 p.m., in the Mercer Hotel lobby. Come on, Jonah. Really? Sweatpants? The point of this Page Six item is that Jonah was flirting with young blonde girls, buying them drinks and acting like a big shot, until he was whisked away by his Moneyball director and ended up rubbing elbows with Arianna Huffington's sister. That's the story being told here. But I just can't stop fixating on the sweatpants. What sort of grown man wears sweatpants in public? Sweatpants are fine for the home. Or maybe a quick jaunt to the corner store. But in the lobby of a fancy hotel in a city you don't live in? Good grief. Sweatpants?? Absolutely not. No way. And girls, I don't care how big a movie star he is, never hit on a guy in sweatpants. He's not worth it. Really. Ugh. [Page Six]

Here are photos of Nate Berkus and his fiance Jeremiah Brent rubbing noses and walking hand in hand while wearing basically the same ridiculous denim outfit. OK, Nate is wearing a jean jacket while Jeremiah is wearing a jean shirt, but still. They are basically the same and it looks kinda silly. That's all. Good for them. But it's a little much. [Daily Mail]

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