'White House Down' Is as Disastrous as 'Olympus Has Fallen' and Then Some

We have a little quiz for you. It involves destroying Washington, D.C., and the silly blockbuster movies therein.

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We have a little quiz for you: Who would you rather have as your president: a) Aaron Eckhart or b) Jamie Foxx? Who would you rather see protecting your nation: a) Gerard Butler or b) Channing Tatum? Who do you want directing a movie wherein the White House is in flames: a) Training Day's Antoine Fuqua or b) Independence Day's Roland Emmerich? Which image intrigues you more: a)


If you answered "a" to these questions then get yourself to the movie theater and see Olympus Has Fallen. If you answered "b" then you'll have to wait a little bit, but you can satiate yourself with this  new trailer for White House Down.

Yes, the second nation-under-attack flick of the year is due out this summer, not long after Olympus became a box office success. If your heart lies with White House Down, though, don't worry too much. As The Hollywood Reporter noted: "There's evidence contradicting that there's a stigma to going second." For instance, Armageddon was more successful than Deep Impact, which came out a few months earlier in 1998.

So make your choice, or don't and see both of these silly movies. It's up to you.

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