'True Blood' Really Is Coming Back

Today in showbusiness: HBO has announced the return date for long-in-the-tooth True Blood, NBC is pushing back Girlfriend in a Coma, and a look at Max Irons in something. 

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Today in showbusiness: HBO has announced the return date for long-in-the-tooth True Blood, NBC is pushing back Girlfriend in a Coma, and a look at Max Irons in something. 

I know it seems impossible, but there is going to be more True Blood. Which means more things will happen, there will be more new characters, there will just be more of all of it. Thought that they'd done everything a television show could possibly do? Yeah, well, you and everyone else. But we were all wrong. True Blood still has more stories to tell, with approximately six million of them happening in every episode. The show's sixth season premiere will be on June 16, and will be introducing three hundred and sixty-eight thousand new characters. Just that episode. By season's end there will be 4.5 million³ new characters. They wanted to put in more, but there are only ten episodes this season instead of the usual twelve. So, oh well. We'll have to make due, I guess. [Deadline]

NBC is pushing back filming of its pilot Girlfriend in a Coma — a comedy about a woman who wakes up from a coma she's been in since she was a teenager only to find out she gave birth to a baby while she was in the coma and now has a teenage daughter — because series star Christina Ricci left the project after the table read (sounds like she got fired?) and they need a new lead. But with all the bold name actresses tied up in pilots of their own, they've decided to wait. You know, until those pilots don't go forward and they can scoop up some discarded actress and put her in a wheelbarrow and wheel her over to their show. That's how it works out in Hollyweird, I'm pretty sure. Good luck, everyone! And you'll get 'em next time, Christina. [Deadline]

Here is a trailer for a summertime action picture starring Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg called 2 Guns. How many guns? Two guns. Well, there are more than two guns in the movie, it actually looks like there are lots of guns, but Lots of Guns doesn't really work as a movie title. So it's 2 Guns, 'cause there are two stars, and they each have a gun. So I'll ask it again: How many guns? TWO GUNS. Anyway, the movie looks perfectly fine. Denzel Washington is always satisfyingly Denzel Washingtonny, and Mark Wahlberg is working on being funny. Oh and there's Edward James Olmos and, is that— Bill Paxton-Pullman! Hi buddy! Man, they should have called this movie 2 Guns & Bill Paxton-Pullman Who Probably Also Has a Gun. That would work perfectly as a title. This thing doesn't come out until August, so there's still time, marketing people!

And here's a little teaser trailer for the Starz miniseries called The White Queen, which seems to actually be about a white king. But whatever. The point is that it stars Max Irons and Max Irons is... jeremy's... iron. He's very handsome, OK? That's what I'm saying. Sue me. Max Irons looks like a beautiful loaf of French bread and that's that. Nothing to be said or done about it, nothing to be debated, it's just fact. So that's why I watched this trailer, even though I don't have Starz and never will have Starz. Max Irons. There he is.

And on a serious note, beloved actor Richard Griffiths died at 65 years old yesterday from complications during heart surgery. He's probably best known these days as Uncle Vernon in the Harry Potter movies, but he was a recent-ish Tony winner for the play The History Boys, which became a well-received film, and of course he was in the cult classic Withnail and I. His Equus and Harry Potter costar Daniel Radcliffe said this of him: "Richard Griffiths wasn't only one of the most loved and recognizable British actors, he was also one of the very greatest. His performance in The History Boys was quite overwhelming: a masterpiece of wit, delicacy, mischief and desolation, often simultaneously." Well said! [The Hollywood Reporter]

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