Taylor Swift Didn't Get Your Letter

Today in celebrity news: a Music City scandal after someone found a bunch of Taylor Swift's unopened fan mail in a Dumspter, The Bachelor has made his terrible choice, and Sharon Stone has maid problems again.

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Today in celebrity news: a Music City scandal after someone found a bunch of Taylor Swift's unopened fan mail in a Dumspter, The Bachelor has made his terrible choice, and Sharon Stone has maid problems again.

Kids, if you really love Taylor Swift, simply write her a letter telling her so, and it will end up unopened in a dumpster sort of near her house. At least a recent discovery would suggest as much. A woman named Kylee Francescan found a huge cache of Taylor Swift fan mail in a recycling dumpster near an elementary school in south Nashville recently, telling the city's News 2 Investigates team, "I'm like, 'Somebody needs to let Taylor know.'" Uhh... Yes... Because she would be so... upset. The letters, sent to a P.O. Box registered under Taylor Swift Entertainment, came from around the world, and many of them were unopened. The owner of the strip mall where the P.O. Box is located told Nashville's News 2 that an employee of Swift's does occasionally come by to pick up the boxes of fan mail, though it would appear they don't make it very far. Kylee told the news station, "It did bother me [because] I know how much her fans mean to her." Right, of course. She'd be outraged. I'm sure she is always asking where those boxes and boxes of fan letters are and yet has received nothing but lies in response. Heads will roll when she learns about this! Or, obviously, heads will roll because someone was stupid enough to throw them all out in such a public space. "You're supposed to burn them!!!!" Taylor will shriek, throwing a solid white guitar at the employee's head. Haha, just kidding. I'm sure that will not happen. This is all a big misunderstanding. Taylor Swift would never unceremoniously dump a bunch of fan letters into the garbage. Or, uh, have a staff member do it. This is all a big mixup. Taylor's management company said that letters, after they are opened and read by Taylor's team, are recycled, yes. But only after being opened. If anything was unopened it was a total freak accident. That's all. That's all, Kylee. That's all it is. Just an innocent oopsy. [WKRN]

Season 3,000,000 of The Bachelor ended last night, Bachelor Sean Lowe choosing Catherine Giudici and tossing Lindsay Yenter into the sea, where she was devoured by eels, as is custom. Justin Bieber's mom apparently live-tweeted the whole thing and was very into it, if you're curious what she has to say about it. She thinks the finale was, quote, "#Soromantic." Yup, nothing more romantic than a a guy choosing which of two women to propose to on national television. #Themostromantic, really. So, another season come and gone. Let's look to the future! Last night a new leading lady was named for the next season of The Bachelorette, and it was none other than third-placer Desiree Hartsock, who keeps her heart in a sock. Ultimately Sean figured that "Catherine and Lindsay wear their hearts on their sleeves, whereas Desiree keeps hers in a sock, so I just don't think I can go with her." But ABC thinks that she'll get lucky with someone else, so they're giving her her own season. Of course we wish her luck and suggest something in an argyle for the season. Meanwhile, Sean Lowe will be planning for his big televised wedding — a la Trista and Ryan so many years ago — and also appearing on the next season of Dancing with the Stars. It's unclear yet which star he'll be paired with. [Us Weekly; People; Us Weekly]

Actress Sharon Stone, professional leg-crosser turned actress, is being sued by a former housekeeper, who claims that Stone made her work through an injury that she suffered on the job. The maid claims that she injured her back while lifting groceries into Stone's car — Stone, of course, eats stones — and though she was advised by her doctor to take a week of rest, Stone made her work through it, commanding her to lift things and do all the other labor that she makes her domestics do. What's worse is that she allegedly berated the woman, calling her "crazy" and "stupid" and then fired her. So now the maid is suing for damages, while Stone's camp is of course denying the whole thing. Her lawyer says that the woman in fact was never fired and is still covered by Stone's health insurance, Stoneaid. This whole maid mess comes a year after Stone's nanny accused the actress of being racist. So, Stone does not have great luck with domestics. You know what Sharon Stone's old husband did not have great luck with? Dragons. Because a dragon once ate his foot. I know that has nothing to do with anything happening today, but it's important to note every time we're talking about Sharon Stone that a dragon once ate her husband's foot. Because that is the world's most important story. Anyway, we wish Stone the best of luck with all this mess, and may she quickly find some maids that don't spend all their time complaining and are grateful for all the lessons in hard work that she is trying to teach them. That's all she's doing, you know. It's for their own good. [Daily Mail]

William and Kate, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and parts of Medford and Watertown, have plans to renovate a country home called Anmer Hall that were just approved by... I don't know, the Queen or something. The home is on Elizabeth's Sandringham estate in castle-littered Norfolk. William and Kate plan to add a room or two and to take some measures to enhance their privacy, which they'll want for when they have the royal rural orgies that the House of Windsor is so known to enjoy. "Ahh! A good country rodgering!" Prince Edward has been known to exclaim, clapping his hands in giddy delight. It's just a popular thing in that family, what can I say. So now that the plans have been approved, Will and Kate can look forward to all that. [People]

Grumpy Cat apparently peed on Harvey Levin at SXSW. If you don't know what any of that means, congratulations. You live a life not sadly devoted to the Internet. You've won. [TMZ]

Look, Tom Hardy is holding a doggie. A puppy. Tom Hardy is kissing a puppy. You can all go home for the day if you need to. [Daily Mail]

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