Tweet-Proof SXSW Entertainment News, in 2 Minutes

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SXSW is in full swing down in Austin, and while it can be tough to keep track of the actually exciting culture news amidst all the panels and tweets from both the interactive and film parts of the festival, well, there might be a Trainspotting sequel! And people have seen the new Arrested Development episodes now! Oh, yeah, and the U.S. premiere of Spring Breakers and The Incredible Burt Wonderstone have arrived. Here's what you've missed, quickly:

Danny Boyle is Following Up Trainspotting

If you were wondering what happened to Renton and the Trainspotting gang following the 1996 tale of drugs and toilets full of poop and you haven't read Irvine Welsh's followup to his original novel, you can now place your hopes on a film. Danny Boyle told The Playlist in Austin that he wants to make the sequel Porno in 2016 with the original cast. "There's always been this long term plan for 'Trainspotting 2,' if John can produce a decent enough script, I don't think there will be any barriers to Ewan or any of the cast coming back," he said referring to screenwriter John Hodge. "I think they'll wanna know that the parts are good so they don't feel like they are letting anyone down." Start practicing your Scottish accents now!

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A Bunch of Comedians Launch JASH

Sarah Silverman, Michael Cera, Reggie Watts, and Tim and Eric kicked off the start of their project JASH, a YouTube channel, at SXSW. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Silverman says the name stands for "Just Attitude So Hey." We're still withholding judgment. We're not raving about the intro video just yet.

Some More Arrested Development Tidbits

Is the movie on? Well, sort of Mitch Hurwitz said at a Q&A. Though he said he's "confident" there will be a movie, according to E!, he added that there is no deal yet because he hasn't written the screenplay or pitched the idea, per to the New York Times. Those present also got a look at two clips from the new Netflix episodes of the show. Unfortunately, said clips are not available online because, as Rembert Browne points out at Grantland there was a very strict no filming rule. However, Browne has great summaries of both clips

Marvel's New Strategy

Marvel's House of Ideas panel brought a lot of announcements from the comic-book company, including a digital push that includes making 700 different first issues of Marvel series available for download, gratis, as well as the launch of new online video content in the form of Earth's Mightiest Show

There Will Be No Hulk in S.H.I.E.L.D.

Speaking of Marvel, Joss Whedon—who is doing press for Much Ado About Nothing at the festival—revealed some details about his new TV pilot for ABC. For instance, there will be no Hulk because, as he told Deadline, "that guy's too expensive." At a panel, per EW, he also joked that the pilot "sucks." 

The other notable Whedon quotable had him sharing his opinions on the franchise he's not directing—Star Wars—perhaps inciting a fanboy war in some part of the galaxy. Whedon explained that he would not have the original actors come back.  

Because No One Can Resist Asking About Girls

Alex Karpovsky—Ray—is at SXSW promoting Good Night, a film which he stars in, but dished to The Hollywood Reporter about the Girls finale, saying Ray's "relationship with Shoshanna goes deeper and darker and in a more disconcerting place than it's gone before." Darker? This week was pretty bleak...

Some Bates Motel Details

Bates Motel screened today in Austin accompanied by a Q&A from Carlton Cuse the executive producer, so if you're wondering what TV shows it will resemble, here goes—sorry, it's just one tweet, and there are plenty more out where this came from: 

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