The Bachelor Doesn't Want Your Love

Today in celebrity gossip: Sean Lowe doesn't want to be famous, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner love hanging out, and Lady Gaga is looking for a home. 

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Sean Lowe, who recently ended his stint as The Bachelor on The Bachelor and will soon be appearing on Dancing with the Stars, clearly enjoys being on reality television. But that doesn't mean he wants to be famous! He doesn't want to be, in fact. Here is a sentence from the Us Weekly report on this important topic: "'I've always said that I'm not looking for fame,' the Texas native told reporters in a teleconference on Tuesday." Ha. "I don't want anyone to pay attention to me" he said at a press conference. That's wonderful. And why doesn't he want to be famous? Well, it's a said story: "I can't go out in Dallas with my buddies anymore because I'm left taking pictures the whole night because people -- you know, they recognize me and they want to take pictures." That is hard. I mean, one way to stop that from happening would be to not go on Dancing with the Stars and not do teleconferences. Also just wait a few months? You were on The Bachelor, you didn't win an Oscar. People will forget. Pretty quickly, I'd imagine. I mean, is anyone really swamping Byron Velvick these days? I can't imagine they are. So yeah, don't pay attention to Sean Lowe, he insists, waving at you. "Don't look over here!" he yells. [Us Weekly]

Hmmm. Kristen Stewart and her Twilight costar Taylor Lautner have been spotted hanging out a few times recently, leading some to suspect that now that Stewart and her other Twilight costar Robert Pattinson are on the outs — he's in Australia filming a movie and has requested that she not come visit — she's struck up with the other guy. But of course other people, people closer to the source, say that Kristen and Taylor are just friends. Which seems more believable. I mean, their most recent hangout was at a batting cage with friends. That's not very sexy. I guess it could be date-y in a whimsical, sporty way, but Kristen Stewart doesn't seem like the type to go on whimsical, sporty dates. Nah, they're just pals. She's not going to date another costar from those movies. Though it doesn't mean that Cam Gigandet isn't sitting by the phone, waiting... [Daily Mail]

Wheeling around town in her solid gold wheelchair, singer/novelty act Lady Gaga is looking for a new Manhattan pad. She's said to be looking at a place in the luxury high-rise The Link on West 52nd Street, and at one in The Park Imperial. So it sounds like Lady Gaga wants to be in Midtown, high in the air gazing out at all of us. Which is a comforting thought, isn't it? Lady Gaga watching over us always, ready to come rescue us in her golden wheelchair the minute she spots trouble. Thanks, Gaga. [Page Six]

Adele is also considering a move, this one a bit more drastic. The singer is said to be considering a relocation from London to Los Angeles, ostensibly because she's been offered a $10 million makeup sponsorship deal, but also because one can only endure London's weather for so long. Once one has had a taste of sunshine, one wants it always. People are saying that Adele would be a sellout for taking the makeup gig because she once said she'd never endorse any brand, but whatever. It's $10 million to hawk some makeup. She's got a kid! Earn that easy cash, Adele. Do whatever you want. As long as it's not, like, Wet 'N' Wild or something. Don't do that. But anything else? Why not. [Daily Mail]

Elisabeth Hasselbeck has defended the intense diet that Gwyneth Paltrow subjects her family to — no dairy or wheat or food that isn't clear and weightless. The View panelist said, "She's a mom, those are her kids, do what you want." Which, yes, is true within limits. Really the diet isn't the troubling thing here. What makes me nervous is Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Gwyneth Paltrow aligning. If that happens they could prove unstoppable, gliding about the country like spindly wraiths, doing as they please to all who get in their way. It would be terrible. And of course there is only one who can stop it: Whoopi. Do something, Whoopi! Please. You're our only hope. [Us Weekly]

The Hearst exec who was recently let go amidst a sexting scandal was sending the illicit messages from a work phone. And these messages were, according to someone, "explicit and depraved." Yikes! What could that mean? "I want to kiss you super hard!" "Let's hug all night!" Things like that?? The mind reels. What's more mysterious is that this someone, this "source," says that "there’s a lot more to this." Well that's unsettling. More unsettling than someone being paid $6 million a year to produce things like The Bible, as this guy was? No, that's about as unsettling as it gets, but it is hard to imagine things getting more sordid than sext messages. Sexts are humanity's sickest invention! Where could this story possibly be leading? [Page Six]

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