Rob and Kristen, Together Again

Today in celebrity gossip: Instagram and a ring are evidence that two couples may not actually be broken up, Ryan Gosling is taking a break for a while, and Katie Holmes wants to do a musical.

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What's this? They're not broken up?? Though undead lovers Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart seemed to have split — he traveling to Australia to film a movie and supposedly telling her not to follow him — they were spotted out and about together just this week. Some rando took a picture with the couple outside of a karaoke bar on Tuesday night and a friend posted it on Instragram the next day. So they're not, like, making out or anything in the photo, but still. They were at a karaoke bar together on a Tuesday. That seems pretty couple-y, doesn't it? I guess this just goes to show us that in some ways you can't know everything about a stranger by reading poorly sourced gossip items about them. I know that sounds weird, but maybe it's true? Maybe the only way to really know someone is to, y'know, actually know them. These are all wild theories and I'm sure I'm wrong, but this mind-bending news has me thinking crazy. Rob and Kristen, together?? Things are not what they seem. [Us Weekly]

Oh god, the world really is upside-down! Now Miley Cyrus has been seen wearing her engagement ring again after she and her fiance Liam Hemsworth were said to have split up?? So does that mean that they're still together? And wait, the only evidence we had to support the notion that they'd called things off was that she wasn't wearing her ring once? Aw, christ. Really? There wasn't a statement or a public fight or anything? It was just a missing ring? And she even went on Twitter to say that the wedding wasn't off? Terrific. Ace work everyone. Really cracking job, kiddo. We should all be extremely proud of ourselves. A ring. A stupid ring. Ridiculous. We all need hobbies. Honestly, everyone needs to find something to occupy their time that isn't this. Because this is ridiculous. A ring? A ring. Amazing. [Daily Mail]

Say goodbye to sad-eyed blond-haired mute menaces, because Ryan Gosling is taking a break from acting for a while. He says he's "lost perspective on what I'm doing" and that "I need a break from myself as much as I imagine the audience does." OK, that's fair. We have had a lot of Ryan Gosling in the past few years. And we've got more coming up. The Place Beyond the Pines comes out next week, and then there's the new Nicolas Winding Refn movie Only God Forgives and a Terrence Malick film. So we've still got more Gosling to go. But, yeah, he should take a break. Why not. He's earned it. He can go practice his silent staring and jacket wearing and come back better than ever. We'll be OK, Ryan. We can survive for a little while without you. And you know what? Maybe take Bradley Cooper with you. Just go have a rest you two. We'll be fine. We've got Fassbender and, I dunno, Joel Edgerton. Honestly, go. [Us Weekly]

Adrien Brody spent $20,000 on silly street art involving the Monopoly man recently. Twenty thousand dollars! There goes your Predators money, Adrien. How are you going to eat now? Really irresponsible. (In point of fact, I don't really get the "Adrien Brody's career has been terrible since he won the Oscar" narrative. He's worked on three Wes Anderson films, a Woody Allen movie, he was in King Kong and The Village, he starred in a profitable, not-terrible action movie, and he's in a new Paul Haggis movie with a starry cast. Sounds like he's doing pretty well! Just because he isn't Denzel Washington doesn't mean his career died. Maybe his career is how he likes it. And maybe he can spend $20,000 on art if wants to. Maybe we should all lay off Adrien Brody a little bit.) [TMZ]

Katie Holmes wants to do a musical. She's been sniffing around town and has plans to record some songs with a pianist, though interest from producers has not been that high. She didn't prove the box-office draw producers hoped she would in the recent play Dead Accounts, which closed about a month ahead of schedule. So she's not the hottest property in town. Katie's people say this is all bunk, that she's not looking to do a musical, but who are we to trust? The people who work with and know Katie Holmes or Page Six? The answer is obvious. What I don't get is why anyone would be skeptical about putting her in a musical. I mean have they seen this?? Give that girl the Tony already. [Page Six]

Jessica Chastain was in Paris and saw herself on a huge billboard and decided to take a picture with it. That's all. Nothing more. Just Jessica Chastain and her billboard. [Us Weekly]

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