This Is What 'World War Z' Finally Looks Like

The new trailer for Brad Pitt's long-in-the-works zombie flick features a lot of Brad Pitt — and his flowing mane — trying to figure out how to battle the swarms of pretty nondescript zombies we've seen in earlier trailers.

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The new trailer for Brad Pitt's long-in-the-works zombie flick, World War Z, features a lot of Brad Pitt—and his flowing mane—trying to figure out how to battle the swarms of nondescript zombies we've seen in earlier trailers. In this refreshed look (watch the full clip below), we see Pitt asking a lot of questions about how to target the creatures and how to get into Russia, while they do things like attack planes (in a scene that Entertainment Weekly points out will seem familiar if you've seen some of the newest Iron Man trailers). It's high on the zombie-combat-plan plot.

HitFix's Drew McWeeny is skeptical that we haven't actually heard the word "zombie" from these trailers yet, although the newly released poster and trailer indicate that these guys like to pile up:

It's also odd that we have yet to see a long sustained shot of what a zombie actually looks like in the film.

Instead, we're looking at lots and lots of CGI figures swarming like ants, and a buttload of Brad Pitt reaction shots.

Remember there's reason to be a little wary about this film. As the New York Times' Michael Cieply wrote last week, Paramount signed onto this film way back in 2006, before zombies were trendy. The film has been through multiple writers and reshoots to salvage a key blockbuster for both the studio and fans of the original book. It was supposed to be released last December, but got pushed to June—often an ominous sign. But have a look for yourself:

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