More Trouble for Justin Bieber

Today in celebrity news: Bieber has some concert issues, Rihanna did too, and one of Harry Styles's lady friends is being harassed.

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Today in celebrity news: Bieber has some concert issues, Rihanna did too, and one of Harry Styles's lady friends is being harassed.

More problems for young Justin Bieber, the song-prince of this and likely other galaxies. After starting one concert two hours late and fainting at another one last week, yesterday the small Canadian canceled his scheduled Tuesday night concert in Lisbon. (Portugal, not Ohio.) Someone from the concert arena issued a simple statement, saying "Due to unforeseen circumstances we have been forced to cancel the show scheduled for March 12." He's still scheduled to perform tonight. So what's going? I mean, he is just a child, maybe they've worked him too hard? Maybe he's been spending too many late nights out? Is it possible he didn't sell enough tickets? That can't be it, and it wouldn't explain the fainting and whatnot. Bieber himself has remained cryptic, his last Tweet reading "#sundayfunday." That probably means he's going to church and bible study all day, right? That's likely all that is. So who knows what is going on with the Biebs. Hopefully he's not headed for some kind of tragic young star breakdown like so many before him. He doesn't seem a likely candidate for that, but then again neither did Amanda Bynes and now this is happening. So we have to be ready for every possibility. Justin Bieber could be cracking. Or maybe he's thinking about giving up the game and, I don't know, going back to school or something. Maybe apply to York, see what happens, check out the theater department. That might be it. Maybe he has to study for entrance exams on Tuesday night. That's probably was this is, right? [Us Weekly]

Not to be outdone by her mortal enemy, Rihanna has also canceled a concert, this one scheduled in Boston last night. She performed there on Friday night, but then claimed laryngitis and backed out of last night's show. Though, unlike Bieber's show, this concert is being rescheduled. So what happened? Too much partying on Landsdowne Street? Do people still go clubbing on Landsdowne Street? What else is there? Venu? Who even knows. Maybe she was out all night (meaning until last call at 1:15) at some dump in Revere. The point is, laryngitis seems an awfully convenient excuse. Then again, it's a huge deal to reschedule a show like that, so maybe it is legit. Whatever the reason, this is a troubling trend for these beloved young pop stars. First it's canceling shows, then it's freaking out Carson Daly, and before you know it you're chaining rentboys to your radiator. Tread lightly, RiRi. Tread ever so lightly. [TMZ]

One more bit of concert news. A Megan Fox lookalike whom One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles recently picked up at a concert — he saw her in the crowd while performing and told his minions to go get her information — has been getting death threats from 1D's crazed fans. Word got out that the two had spent the night together — she passed out drunk on a couch in his hotel room is the story — and the fans went nuts. Because I guess each and every one of them is the only girl for Harry. Just them, no one else. The young lass, named Shaniece (just like Uncle Buck's girlfriend!), has deleted her Facebook account after these teen Internet demons found her and began harassing her. But hey, she deserved it right? How dare she get hit on by a boy who belongs to a brace-faced thirteen year old living in Peoria? I mean really, how f-cking dare she?? [The Sun]

At least some joy is being brought to the world today: Josh Duggar, the eldest of reality television stars Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's nineteen children, is expecting his third child with wife Anna. So Anna will have three children by the age of 25! Which is... a lot of children to have by the time you're 25. But, oh well, I guess that's just what they want to do. Josh's siblings' names all start with the letter J — from Jedediah to Jinger — and so far his two children both have M names. So I think we can assume they'll continue the trend. They've got a Mackynzie and a Michael, so what should the third kid be named? Madysin? Moargyn? Myllanee? (Pronounced "Margaret.") They have so many options! Just don't do Minger, guys. That one wouldn't work. [People]

Supermodel and The Beautiful Life: TBL actress Elle Macpherson has gotten engaged to her billionaire beau, hotel heir Juan-Antonio Ramada Jeffrey Sofer. The two have been on-again/off-again in the past, but now it looks as though they'd like to be permanently on. So, a billionaire is marrying a supermodel. What an improbable pair! I wonder what they talk about. Private jets and diamonds? "Oh have you tried the diamonds, they're wonderful." "Thanks I'll have some once I'm done riding this jet, privately." "Pick me up some expensive bedsheets, will you?" "Of course. Please have a dodo egg unfrozen and boiling for me when I get home." Just normal couple stuff, basically. [Us Weekly]

Madonna showed up to a Williamsburg restaurant this weekend to help celebrate one of her tour dancers' birthdays. Everyone freaked out but tried to act cool, especially because Madge had brought her kids Lourdes and Rocco with her. All the dancers had the staff clear the tables out of the way so they could have a very expert dance party, often to Madonna songs, all of which the queen watched from a chair and nodded approvingly. So there was no dancing from Madonna herself, probably because she wasn't wearing her bone-supports that night. She usually doesn't when she's not on the job, as the affixing process is long and painful and she can't really sit down with them in. But boy do they support her bones! Boy do they ever. [Page Six]

Tina Fey's daughter Alice wants to go into acting. She's been curious for a while now, but since seeing someone basically her own age, Quvenzhané Wallis, nominated for awards and going to fun shows all winter, her interest really kicked into high gear. But Fey is resistant, saying "I made her write out a poll so everyone who came to our Oscar party had to [vote] ‘Should Alice be allowed to be in movies?’ And I was the only person that said ‘No.’ I was like ‘Unfortunately for you, I am the only vote that counts.'" So, that's that. For now, anyway. We'll see how long her defenses last. Children are relentless, relentless monsters. They will stop at nothing to get what they want. Unless it's bedtime and then, OK, see you tomorrow. [People]

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