9-Year-Old Rapper Lil Poopy Has Been Disowned

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Now that Lil Poopy's biological father is under investigation for child neglect, the MC who played rap-game father figure to the controversial 9-year-old is trying to keep his distance. 

On Twitter, YouTube, and on tour with French Montana, the icy Brockton, Massachusetts fourth-grader known as Lil Poopy reps Coke Boys. That's the name for French Montana's crew and shorthand for signees to his Cocaine City Records label. But Montana — who's worked with everyone from Rick Ross to Diddy to Waka Flocka Flame —  has been taking heat over Lil Poopy's affiliation with Coke Boys ever since news broke this week that the boy's father was under investigation from the Massachusetts Department of Children of Families. The investigation seems to center around Poopy's videos, which show him cruising in Ferraris and SUVs (without wearing a seat belt). One video that showed Poopy getting a little too handsy in a strip club was too hot for YouTube and was pulled from the site after the investigation launched, reports The Enterprise's Maria Papadopoulos. The clip for Lil Poopy's reworking of French Montana's "Pop That" is still up, featuring Poopy's assertion that the coke he's talking about is "only soda". Peep Poopy's swag yourself: 

French Montana doesn't want anything to do with that swag anymore. On Friday, he went on some morning radio shows to make it clear that Lil Poopy isn't an official Coke Boy. When asked on Philadelphia's Power 99 whether he'd ever signed the 9-year-old, Montana was quick to say, "Hell no! Lil Poopy was never signed to Coke Boys." On Philly's Wired 96.5, Montana further distanced himself from Poopy: 

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OK, no one ever really thought Lil Poopy was literally signed to Montana's record label. But Montana didn't have to change his tune on Poopy and suddenly claim he "never co-signed none of that," telling fans to "keep my name out of that." It's weird to see Montana play Poopy like this when even conservatives like former Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele think the whole controversy has been blown out of proportion. This morning on NPR's Tell Me More, Steele joined the call to "free Poopy," saying about kid rappers, "As long as it's managed and it doesn't cross the line ... it's fine." Then again, maybe outside stress has been seeping into Poopy and Montana's relationship. The latter was shot at last night in an incident that left one person dead. 

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