Justin Timberlake Fans vs. Justin Bieber Fans: Battle of the 'SNL' Snowstorm Line

Justin Timberlake has fans waiting out in the snow to see him on SNL, which brings us back to about a month ago when Bieber fans braved similar conditions. 

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On Friday morning the Today show had Willie Geist go out in the snow to talk to hardcore Justin Timberlake fans who are weathering the New York snowstorm for standby tickets to see him wear his suit and tie (or not) when he hosts Saturday Night Live this weekend. All of which may have given you a flashback to a couple weeks ago, during the city's last big bout of weather (the so-called Nemo storm), when fans were doing the same thing but for another, younger Justin. During the Bieber storm, SNL ended up handing tickets out earlier than usual—the city really got slammed by snow overnight on Friday that time around—and it's yet to be seen whether or not that will happen this time around. Either way, this is sad devotion at its finest.

Let's compare the extreme fans.

Justin Timberlake

The Today show segment

Geist says the Timberlake line is longer than the Bieber line, and he talked to one couple from Canada who started camping out early on Wednesday morning.

The Twitpics/Instagrams


The Complaints 

The Word from the Star

None yet.

Justin Bieber

The Today show segment

Geist finds two girls who seem somewhat unfazed by the prospect of waiting out in a blizzard.

The Twitpics/Instagrams

The Complaints

Per BuzzFeed, which chronicled the Bieber fans, there were some complaints of cold:

The Word from the Star

Also, SNL tweeted that they handed out some swag to help keep fans warm.

So whose fans are more diehard?

Well, it seems like there are more Timberlake fans on this Friday's line, which proves that an old guy still has it—or at least has more SNL credibility—but the Bieber blizzard was hyped as a more threatening storm, which proves that the Bieber fans have gusto. We're going to call this one a draw.

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