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The Stalker Behind the Justin Bieber Castration Plot Will Terrify You

Would you like meet the mastermind behind the plot to kill and castrate Justin Bieber? Because he will terrify any of the Bieber haters who joked about last year's arrest of the team involved in the assassination attempt.

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Would you like meet the mastermind behind the plot to kill and castrate Justin Bieber? Because he will terrify any of the Bieber haters who joked about last year's arrest of the team involved in the assassination attempt. Indeed this stalker contends he only ever wanted to cut off the singer's testicles—and worse—because he loves Justin Bieber.

Back in November, we heard about the uncle-and-nephew duo arrested for plotting to kill and castrate Justin Bieber. Mark Staake and his nephew, Tanner Ruane, were arrested after they took a wrong turn on the way to allegedly meet Bieber in New York City. There, the two allegedly planned to murder and castrate the singer with garden sheers. They were apparently operating under the instruction of 45-year-old Dana Martin, who is currently serving two consecutive life sentences in a Las Cruces prison for raping and killing a 15-year-old girl, and who is the subject of a profile in this month's issue of Details by Kevin Gray.

Martin's wild Bieber obsession goes beyond what you might even anticipate from a teen fan. He has an elaborate Bieber tattoo on his right leg that he got another inmate to draw on him with a makeshift prison tattoo gun. But, beyond the body ink, Martin remains the only person on record to allegedly put out a hit on a singer's unmentionables to keep them as trophies. Yeah, the guys who wanted to decapitate Joss Stone have nothing on Dana Martin.

So why did Martin want to kill the pop star he loves so dearly? Because he does love Bieber dearly, as Martin tells Gray when asked, in a prison interview, if he wants to sleep with the Canadian import: "What are you trying to get me to say, that I love Justin Bieber and think he's gorgeous? He's a good-looking kid. Would I go to bed with him? Yeah. He's legal, so probably."

Fame was definitely part of Martin's motivation, it appears, but there was more. "It isn't just so people will know who I am. It's because he changed, and that made me angry," Martin told Gray. Bieber's edgier new attitude as he got older ticked off his stalker mastermind:

At 18, Bieber would speed around Los Angeles in a $230,000 white Ferrari 458 Italia. When his manager, Scooter Braun, presented him with a Fisker Karma sports car on TV, he exuded bashful humility. "I'm looking at his manager on Ellen, and he's telling Justin, 'You know how I always say it is important to stay humble,'" Martin says, chafing at his wrist chains as he tries to gesticulate. "And I'm like, 'Really?' He can fool a bunch of 9-year-old girls, but the adult audience that he wants now is not fooled by this."

Martin resented the new, more adult and urban image Bieber cultivated. He cringed at Bieber's awkward Vanilla Ice–like embrace of hip-hop slang: Wassup, man, how you doing? "He's a phony now," he says.

Young people doing young, rebellious things makes us angry, too, but we just yell at them to get of our lawn. Martin went in another direction, obviously. And we suspect Martin didn't respond well to the reports of Bieber's smoking weed for the first time, or his new habit of posturing like a tough guy, or that silly birthday tantrum.

Surprisingly, Gray writes that Martin's plot to hurt the biggest pop star in the world turned him into a prison-yard target:

But in the Lord of the Flies food chain of prisons, he is simply a target. Just as engineering the murder of the world's biggest pop star would bring him longed-for notoriety, shivving Martin would bestow valuable cred on a fellow inmate.

Martin says he met Staake while they were both serving time together in the Southern New Mexico Correctional Facility. Eventually the two became friends after Martin dazzled Staake with stories about alleged murders he committed but was never convicted for. Eventually, as Martin turned on his idol, he allegedly convinced Staake to go through with his plot thanks to an elaborate lie involving a Chinese heroin gang and promises of $50,000, a free Ferrari, and the deed to a farm previously owned by Michael J. Fox. On top of all that, Staake and Raune were told they would receive $2,500 per testicle once the deed was done. Staake and Ruane claim they were set up by Matrin, but in January all three men were indicted for two counts each of first-degree conspiracy to commit murder and solicitation to commit murder. The charges, however, focused not on Bieber but two other targets allegedly assigned to Staake and Ruane.

The scariest part printed in the Details story is the harm Martin claims he would inflict upon Bieber if he wasn't currently locked up: "If I was free, here's what I'd want to do—put Bieber in a cage, rape him repeatedly, and put it on YouTube."

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