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Welcome to the Box Office Report, where we're always thinking about Rick Moranis' lasting contributions to cinema. 

1. The Croods (Fox): $44.7 million in 4,046 theaters

So it's the end of spring break which for some people means chugging the last few beers, trying to find your left shoe and finally showering before stumbling back into the real world. For kids, it means going to a movie about a family of cave people who discover plants for the first time after they go outside for the first time. This thing had the help of being in every theater in the country and collecting 3D receipts, too, but don't get the idea this is a tainted victory or anything. 

2. Olympus Has Fallen (FilmDistrict): $30.5 million in 3,098 theaters

Who would have guessed that blowing up the White House is still a viable marketing strategy for a movie? Oh, everyone? OK. Hm. Anyway, Gerard Butler finally has a successful opening weekend. He hasn't had one of those in a very long time. Someone needs to make the Venn diagram comparing people who are excited to see this and people excited to see the new GI Joe movie. You have to think Joe has more fans being a franchise starring The Rock, right? 

3. Oz: the Great and Powerful (Buena Vista): $22 million in 3,805 theaters [Week 3]

It feels like forever since we've had three movies make more than $20 million but, hey, why not this weekend? Also, Oz continues to chug along on the money train. It's getting closer and closer to that $200 million domestic plateau, but it ain't there yet. 

4. The Call (Sony): $8.7 million in 2,507 theaters [Week 2]

The Call's success didn't hold up over two weeks? Quelle surprise! 

5. Admission (Focus): $6.4 million in 2,160 theaters

We should all have a sad because no one saw Tina Fey's turn as a dramatic funnyperson, instead of being the funny funnyperson she usually is. 

6. Spring Breakers (A24): $5 million in 1,104 theaters

Hey, to everyone saying Spring Breakers failed once it went wide: it has the third highest per screen average in the country right now. Only The Croods and Olympus did better. Wait until it goes even wider

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