Here's the Guy Who Gave 'Veronica Mars' $10,000

Today in show business news: Meet the man (not pictured) who paid $10,000 to see a Veronica Mars movie, a Sex and the City alum gets a new gig, and Colton Haynes is here to stay.

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Today in show business news: Meet the man (not pictured) who paid $10,000 to see a Veronica Mars movie, a Sex and the City alum gets a new gig, and Colton Haynes is here to stay.

As we all should know by now, a very successful (if problematic) Kickstarter campaign was launched this morning in the hopes of getting a Veronica Mars movie made. The top donation tier was $10,000, for which one lucky donor would receive a speaking role in the film. (One line, as a waiter.) Someone actually paid that today, and wouldn't you know it? The guy's not even a fan of the show really. Entertainment Weekly spoke with the donor, a tech startup guy named Steven Dengler, and it turns out he paid the kingly sum instead because he's a fan of "crowdfunding." Let's not dwell on what an awful, awful "word" "crowdfunding" is, and just focus on the fact that a guy who doesn't even particularly like Veronica Mars is the movie campaign's biggest donor. Simply because he likes the idea of people giving money to things that they'll later have to buy. (Well, some of them will anyway.) That's pretty funny. Maybe he'll donate the walk-on role to someone who's a superfan. Although, the crew is probably relieved it's not a superfan, because that could get weird fast. But yeah. Someone pledged $10,000 today to the Veronica Mars movie just because. What a country. [Entertainment Weekly]

Remember Sex and the City? Sure you do, it's a show from the 1930s about a bunch of dizzy dames sippin' hooch and gabbin' about fellas. Anyway, one of the show's ancient stars, Kristin Davis, has just signed on to the cast of a television pilot. The show is an adaptation of the movie Bad Teacher, about a bad teacher. Ari Graynor is playing the bad teacher, and Davis will play Ginny, "a history teacher, choir director, Faculty President and Meredith’s nemesis." So that could be a good role for her, right? She can do prim and upset pretty well. This show could be interesting! I mean, it's on CBS, so that's not a good sign, but you never know. Once in a while they get it right. OK, they got The Good Wife right. Which isn't even a comedy. So... Oh well. [Deadline]

If you're worried about missing Colton Haynes's Johnny Gymbod character on Teen Wolf next season, don't worry, he's playing a Johnny Gymbod elsewhere. He's been on Arrow, the CW superhero show, a bit this season and has just been signed as a regular for the show's next season. So fear not. You shall peek those pecs again. You will gawp at those glutes, stand agog at those abs. Johnny Gymbod is not gone, he's just moved to Vancouver and become a superhero. Like many a Johnny Gymbod before him. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Meanwhile John Stamos has been cast in a season-long arc on the USA network's Necessary Roughness. That's the one about people standing around in bad lighting talking about football. (As opposed to other USA shows, which are about people standing around in bad lighting talking about lawyer things or psych detectiving.) He'll play a superagent looking to sign the lead character, Dr. Calista Necessary (haha, that is not her name), to his superagency. My guess is that he'll also be something of a love interest too. I mean, you don't cast the 'Mos and have him just stand around like a jerk. [Deadline]

Warner Bros., the people who will eventually make money off that whole Veronica Mars thing, is currently in fierce litigation with the estate of J.R.R. Tolkien, claiming that the estate blocked them from cashing in on licensing rights. See, they wanted to put images from The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit on "online slot machines" and other computer gaming things, but were blocked by the estate's lawsuit alleging that WB and other producers overstepped their contract rights. Warner Bros. is now coming swinging back, saying the estate's nonsense cost them millions. So, that's great. They haven't wrung enough coin out of this beloved property, so they're fighting the guy's estate in court because they're mad they couldn't slap Gandalf's face on an online gambling game. Hollywood is a magical town, I tell yeah. Simply magical. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Here is a red band trailer (meaning don't watch it at work unless you work as a sailor) for Kick-Ass 2, the sequel to The Iron Lady Kick-Ass. It features lots of Chloe Grace Moretz saying ribald things, as the first one did, and some clips of Jim Carrey doing a strange voice. So... who knows. The first one was oddly entertaining, but a lot of that was owed to the element of surprise. Now we know that Moretz is going to say bad things and that the movie will be super dark and violent. What else is there to shock us? Throwing Jim Carrey in there to do a weird voice doesn't really seem like the right fix. I mean, has it ever been?

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