Harrison Ford is 'Looking Forward' to Play Old Han Solo

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Another day, another old Star Wars actor semi-confirming that the original trio is indeed coming back for the next installment. In an interview with Chicago's WGN-TV, picked up by the New York Daily News, Harrison Ford explained that he thinks the rumors are "almost true," and that he's "looking forward to it." 

He added, perhaps so as not to incite the wrath of Disney: "It's not in the bag yet, but I think it's happening." 

So at this point pretty much everyone from Ford to even George Lucas himself has indicated in some way or another—even if it's just Carrie Fisher joking, and Mark Hamill insisting nothing's been signed—that this middle-aged cameo thing is happening for J.J. Abrams's Episode VII. All that's left is for everyone to close their deals and for someone to make an official announcement. Earlier this month a source told Reuters that "lawyers had the contracts for all three actors and that an announcement would be made soon." Meanwhile, we're getting eager for a new strain of Star Wars rumors, but it's nice to know that Ford is excited. We wonder if some days he just puts on a vest and practices his gruff charm.

The actor's got a lot on his plate these days including a role in the Anchorman sequel and a visit to Congress to talk aviation

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