Finally, 'Iron Man 3' Ditches the Doom and Gloom

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So last night Marvel released a new 30-second trailer for Iron Man 3 during the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards that will soon dominate your television viewing habits and, thankfully, it seems the old Iron Man is finally back.

The appeal of the Iron Man movies was how they stayed so loyal to the original character while also being, y'know, fun, which is a rarity in the post-Christopher Nolan comic book movie landscape. So you can understand why we were so worried when the trailers released so far for the latest Iron Man movie were so... drab. Everything was all "Tony Stark can't sleep" this, and Ben Kingsley's maybe racist Mandarin character is going to "destroy everything you love" that. We saw Stark's house getting bombed and destroyed and the Iron Man suit breaking down. Sheesh. The original movies and zip and pizzazz and, yeah, some bad stuff happening, but Stark was always there with a quip to make it all go down a little easier. That part seemed to be missing. 

But Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark is kicking butt and taking names and dropping one-liners like the good old days in the latest clip. "You know, it's moments like these where I realize how much of a super hero I really am," Stark says while striking kung-fu poses and doing backflips as the Iron Man suit assembles around his body. There's actually a surprising amount of new footage packed into the short preview. "I'm here on a mission fighting bad guys," he promises us at one point. Which, thank God. The preview doesn't tell us anything new or riveting about the story so much as it reassures us the producers haven't forgotten what made the first two movies so insanely successful: they were fun and enjoyable to watch, unlike the moody blues of Nolan's Batman movies and the many imitators they spawned. They could have made tony Stark's alcoholism a plot in one of the Iron Man movies if they really wanted to go gritty with it, but instead it was mostly relegated to a deleted scene. Watch the clip here: 

Yes, Don Cheadle, that does look awesome. 

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