Elisabeth Hasselbeck to Hassle Us No More

Today in show business news: Everyone is leaving The View, an Oz sequel is already in the works, a long-lost horror film finally gets its day in the sun, and a little Louis C.K. for the weekend.

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Not to be upstaged by her coworker Joy Behar, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, scourge of morning television, shame of Boston College, has announced that she, too, will be leaving The View after this season. The token conservative on the morning gabfest, Hasselbeck has mellowed out in recent years, though most still remember her as the hectoring enemy of Rosie O'Donnell. One of their famous on-air fights led to O'Donnell's eventual ouster. Hard to believe that was six years ago. We haven't heard much from Hasselbeck since those dark days, so maybe it's unfair to call her "scourge" and "shame." Everyone on The View is a nightmare in their own special way, so we should cut Hasselbeck some slack. But yeah, she's outtie five thousand by this fall, though ABC won't confirm. I'm sure someone will miss her, just as someone will miss Joy. And the rest of us will trudge on with the business of living, as we always do. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Don't worry, guys. That Oz the Great and Powerful sequel you've been clamoring for is in the works. It's been ages since the first one came out, like hours and hours, so some were beginning to think it would never happen. But it is! Disney has hired a scriptwriter who will draw from L. Frank Baum's public-domain books to craft a new tale, possibly involving Dorothy. They can't use ruby red slippers or anything like that, though, because that stuff is owned by Warner Bros. Yeah, Dorothy's slippers would have to be silver, as they are in the book. But that's OK, right? People will accept that, won't they? I mean this franchise is so beloved, people have been enraptured with it since this morning after all, that I think they'll follow it anywhere. I can't wait. When does it come out?? [Vulture]

The horror film All the Boys Love Mandy Lane will finally be getting a U.S. release after it was the toast of the Toronto Film Festival all the way back in 2006. Back then the Weinsteins bought the movie after a big bidding war, but when it tested badly they sold it to a company that went under shortly after. So it never saw the light of day in America, lost to the ages while its director went on to do 50/50 and Warm Bodies. The film's star, Amber Heard, had The Playboy Club and The Rum Diaries. Babies were born. People died. The sun streaked across the sky. And now, here in the future, it's finally been resurrected. It will be getting a simultaneous On Demand/limited theatrical release in the States sometime in the near future. Finally we get to watch these young people be brutally murdered. At long last. [Deadline]

Robb Stark from Game of Thrones has been cast in a Discovery Channel miniseries called Klondike, about the Gold Rush. He won't be playing Robb Stark, but that's who he'll always be regardless. He'll be joined by Ali from About a Boy and, um... Abbie Cornish from... Abbie Cornish. [Deadline]

Patty Chase alert. Patty Chase alert. The actress Bess Armstrong, best known and most beloved for playing Claire Danes's mom on My So-Called Life, has been cast in a new pilot. She'll be on Reckless, about Patrick Fugit doing intrigue in Washington D.C., playing someone else's mom. Hello again, Patty! (Yes, I realize she's been on House of Lies recently, but not even Patty Chase can get me to watch that show.) [Deadline]

Here is the first full-length trailer for After Earth, the Will Smith/Jaden Smith sci-fi adventure directed by M. Night Shyamalan. In it we get to see lots of silly special effects and hear some really strange accents that everyone's doing. I guess because it's the future they talk differently, but I dunno, it mostly just sounds like Jamaican-Irish. It's upsetting. This whole movie is upsetting and feels like propaganda for something. For what I'm not quite sure, but there's a distinct coded message vibe to the whole thing. It's a little eerie.

To cleanse you from that, here is the trailer for Louis C.K.'s upcoming HBO comedy special. Ahh, that's better.

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