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Dinesh D'Souza made a movie last year. It was about President Obama, and what the world would look like if he were to win a second term. The outlook: not good. It was critically reviled, but it made truckloads of money, so they're making a sequel. 

Yes, you're understanding that correctly: there's going to be a sequel to 2016: Obama's America. Unfortunately the filmmakers passed on the opportunity to the 2016: America Harder, or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Obama, or 2016: America's America, or even my favorite option, America America America America America America America America. It works like Buffalo, see. Instead, D'Souza and his partners opted for something much simpler. This movie will be called America. 

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news just before D'Souza and crew announced the same thing at CPAC. The whole gang is back together for this one. D'Souza is writing, while John Sullivan returns to handle directing and Oscar winner Gerald Molen returns to executive produce. 2016 was undeniably a box office smash, by documentary standards. The only doc to out perform it financially was Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11. But it was ripped to shreds critically for being a partisan infomercial for the right. 

There's no indication what the new movie will be about, besides hating Obama, except what we can glean from this trailer. 2016 was based off one of D'Souza's books. This is based off of fresh, new ideas D'Souza wants to put on the screen:

America isn't technically a sequel to 2016, D'Souza told THR, but they understand if audiences see it that way.

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