'Smash' to Be Survived by Debra Messing

Today in show business news: Debra Messing has a new pilot from Sex and the City writers on CBS, Seth Green is doing another show with Seth MacFarlane, and MTV has doomed Brooklyn.

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So Smash was a big old honking failure. That's OK. Its star, Debra Messing, isn't going to let that slow her down. She's just signed on to star in and executive produce a new CBS sitcom pilot from two Sex and the City writers. Messing will play "a happily married but harried mother struggling to balance family, life and work. Between her job as a ghost writer for a demanding celebrity chef and having three children -- ranging in age from preschool to 7 -- she feels like the world's worst mother because of her tendency to cut corners." Aha, so, OK, it's a standard harried mom thing. But with Debra Messing! This show is of course in second position to Smash — if there's another season, she's outta the pilot. But come on, there's not going to be another season of Smash. That dream is dead. So, good thing that Messing has a backup plan. But she's the only one, mind you. Everyone else from that show is ruined. Because they're not Debra Messing. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Seth Green has been cast in a pilot as well. And this one's a sure thing for at least six episodes. How? Because it's from Seth MacFarlane, who really Ted-ed himself to the top of the food chain last year. The show is called Dads and features Green and Tommy Dewey as 30s-ish guys whose lives are totally f'ed up when their crazy dads move in with them. The dads will be played by Peter Riegart and Martin Mull. So maybe it's like a male version of that Two Mothers movie with Robin Wright and Naomi Watts that's coming out soon? You know, when they start hooking up with each other's... Nah, I doubt it. I very much doubt that! It'll just be wacky highjinks and probably some toilet jokes and other irreverent things. And people who like Seth MacFarlane will like it and people who don't won't. That's just the way these things work. [Deadline]

MacFarlane's soon-to-be A Million Ways to Die costar Charlize Theron has just signed on to another movie, this one a thriller written by a writer from The Killing. The film is said to be "similar in tone to The Departed and End of Watch" and concerns "a corrupt vigilante group." Hm. Are The Departed and End of Watch really that similar? Or is it more like a combination of the two, like a handheld thing about cartoonishly corrupt police people? Who knows, but Theron is also producing, so I'm sure she knows what she's doing. She's been working a lot lately! I guess now that she has a kid, she needs the money. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Hey, Brooklyn, hold onto your butts. I mean, more than you've already been holding onto your butts since the Barclays Center was built. MTV has announced that this year's Video Music Awards will be happening at the downtown Brooklyn arena, meaning come August 25 that whole area is going to be a mess of young hip celebrities and the screaming teens who love them. Are you Brooklynites ready for that? I mistakenly walked through that area just after a Justin Bieber concert let out and that was nightmarish enough. But the VMAs? That's a lot of famous people all hanging out on Flatbush Avenue. It's gonna get hairy, is what I'm saying. [Vulture]

Hey, here are the dudes who are going to be playing the Ninja Turtles in the new live-action Ninja Turtles movie. Donatello the nerdy one will be played by Jeremy Howard. Leonardo the leader one will be played by Pete Ploszek. Hunger Games hunk Alan Ritchson will be cool/mean guy Raphael. And Noel Fisher, who plays Ian Gallagher's love interest on Shameless, will be party prince Michelangelo. And there you have it! Of course Megan Fox has already been cast as April O'Neil, and one assumes that Vincent Gallo is in talks to play old master Splinter the Rat Person. Sure to be a great movie. [Deadline]

Oh lord. Twentieth Century Fox has released a new "twzzr" or "tweezer" of the new Wolverine movie. Meaning it's a Twitter teaser of a the full-length trailer made with the six-second video app Vine. Yes, that is a sentence I just typed and I feel terrible about it. I am so sorry. Please let's kill this "tweezer" business before it really starts. [Twitter]

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