Brendan Fraser Is Going Broke

Today in celebrity news: The Encino Man is losing all his Mummy treasures, the royals head to the Swiss Alps for a wedding, and CNN is still looking for a morning host.

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Today in celebrity news: The Encino Man is losing all his Mummy treasures, the royals head to the Swiss Alps for a wedding, and CNN is still looking for a morning host.

Though Brendan Fraser was once riding high on the hog with big salaries for the Mummy movies and, one hopes, Monkeybone, those days appear to be over. The actor has filed papers in Connecticut requesting that his alimony payments be reduced, as he's now spending more money per month than he's taking in. Currently he pays his ex-wife some $50,000 a month in alimony, which is more than some people, OK lots of people, make in a year. On top of that he's got mortgages and taxes and of course staffing fees and the $7.77 he spends on pet care (that's in there), and all told he says he is losing $87,000 a month. That's over a million dollars a year and it cannot stand. Sure he's got projects like The Nut Job and HairBrained coming up, but they're not going to fully cover all the massive bills. Something's gotta give, and that something is alimony. Otherwise he'll soon be completely broke and then nobody gets anything. Or he'll have to do The Mummy 4: There's a Mummy in My Soup! and I'm not sure anyone wants that. I mean, I want that, but probably nobody else. [TMZ]

Let's forget money troubles and move on to some folks who will never, ever have to worry about their finances (barring any massive rebellion of some kind): The royals! The good news is that it seems that Queen Elizabeth is out of hospital after spending the past two nights admitted with a stomach bug. "I was a pooping for days!" the Queen shouted as she left the hospital, throwing coins at commoners and patting horses' noses. Well, no, OK, she did not say or do that. She very left in a very queenly, dignified manner, as she always does. Glad to hear she's better. Elsewhere in royal news, the Queen's grandson and granddaughter-in-law (is that a thing?) William and Kate attended the wedding of a friend of Kate's over the weekend. This wasn't at the local country club or event hall, mind you. The wedding was at a resort in the Swiss Alps, as any true winter wedding is. After the ceremony, attended by Kate, William, and Prince Harry, William and Harry hit the slopes with some friends while Kate stayed down below, wandering the resort in fancy boots and sunglasses and thinking about jewels or whatever future queens think about. Up on the mountain, Harry and William hugged friends and seemed to be having a jolly good time, though unfortunately there aren't any photos of them actually skiing. What if one of them fell down?? Are princes of England allowed to fall down? Does everyone else on the mountain have to fall down too and say "Well done, sir! A fall! What a cracking idea!" I'd imagine that at least all the British people on the mountain have to, lest they suffer the consequences. I mean, remember when Harry pretended to dive into that pool instead of falling into it? It's really important that a prince not fall down. So, yeah, if they did take a spill, you'd better believe there aren't any photos of it. Anyway, that was their weekend. What'd you do? [Us Weekly; Daily Mail]

Because Erin Burnett doesn't want the job — unless she's paid a lot more money — CNN head Jeff Zucker is looking for another lady to join the network's new morning show, Hey There! With CNN. Or at least that should be the title. It probably won't be, but it should. Tamron Hall is rumored to be a top pick, although they'd have to lure her away from her MSNBC job, which sadly might be a more prominent position these days. Also on the list are in-house gals Suzanne Malveaux and Brooke Baldwin, who currently work the afternoon shift at the network. I dunno, I'm sure the afternoon isn't quite as watched as the morning broadcasts, but you can't beat that schedule. Working from 12-2? Or 2-4? That's pretty good. It sure as hell beats waking up at 4 AM every day to go to work. Maybe they should just have Wolf Blitzer do it. He doesn't require sleep the way a human does, and he's standing in the dark somewhere talking to no one in the early morning anyway, so why not put him in front of a TV camera and have him address the nation? It just makes the most sense. [Page Six]

Speaking of TV newz, people are getting antsy for Good Morning America anchor Josh Elliott and WABC anchor Liz Cho to admit that they're totally going steady. He's been seen leaving her apartment in the afternoon as few times, swinging by after he's done with his morning gig and before she has to go to her evening job. Isn't that romantic? I don't know what's wrong with me, but I find that very romantic, two grownups meeting in the afternoon, because that's when they can. Elliott's people still deny that they're dating, saying that foes are planting stories to distract from his career, but come on. They're nooners in love. Just admit it, everyone. Just admit what we all know. They are New York's afternoon delights and that's just fine. [Page Six]

As we all know by now, Justin Bieber had the worst birthday ever this weekend. It seems a scuffle at a London club was to blame, though no one knows the exact reason for the disagreement that caused Bieber and company to quickly leave. Some claimed it was because a member of Justin's entourage — Will Smith's kid Jaden — is only fourteen years old. But Bieber has now denied that on Instagram. (That's a sentence these days.) He wrote on the photo sharing service, "U think Will is letting his 14 year old in a club, I don't think so." So there you have it. Will Smith would not allow his son in a club at age 14. He'll let him wear drop-crotch pants and record terrible songs about how cool and rich he is, but he will not let him in a club. That is a bridge too far. And maybe Bieber is right, maybe Will is a strict dad. After all, while Jaden was in London, he went on a couple of sorta-dates with 15-year-old Kylie Jenner, and Will accompanied them on their dinner date to Nobu. I mean that was probably because he was paying for it, but still. Maybe he does keep a close eye on the boy when matters of romance and partying are concerned. So if not that, why, Justin? Why did you leave the club so soon? Bieber called the club "weak ass" in his little statement, but that doesn't really explain much. We need to know the details, Justin! Please, we are old and do nothing fun! Tell us stories from the outside world! [Us Weekly; Daily Mail]

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