Belated Bieber Bothers Britain

Today in celebrity news: Justin Bieber started a concert very late which made lots of British parents angry, Taylor Swift is talking back, and Malia Obama has a girls night out.

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Today in celebrity news: Justin Bieber started a concert very late which made lots of British parents angry, Taylor Swift is talking back, and Malia Obama has a girls night out.

Oooooo, Justin Bieber's in trouble. The diminutive divo from Ontario had a concert in London, England last night, at the huge O2 arena, and he enraged parents of concertgoers by not starting his show until nearly 10:30 at night, two hours after its scheduled time. And this was on a school night, of course. The parents, mostly mums because what self-respecting Englishman besides Boy George would ever be caught dead at a Justin Bieber concert, took to Twitter to complain, saying things like "@Justinbieber you underestimate the power of a room full of pissed off English women #wewantbieber #justinbieberattheo2" Uh oh! Careful boy-o, if you're not careful they'll turn your banger into mash. (I don't know, just go with it.) Bieber has since apologized on Twitter, because it would be too much work to call everyone at their houses, saying that he was scheduled to go on after his opening acts at 9:35, but "because of some technical issues i got on at i was 40 min late to stage. there is no excuse for that and I apologize for anyone we upset. However it was great show and Im proud of that." Aha! You see what the little bugger has done? He's "apologized" while also being like "I was 40 minutes late, big deal, chill out." Just like a teenager. He then went on to say "Im not okay with things being exaggerated," so he's clearly feeling annoyed that this whole thing is as big of a story as it is. And it is big! Huge! Can you believe how big a deal it is that the Justin Bieber concert in London started two hours late? Sequest-who? Forget it. It's all about Justin Bieber being late. Yes, Justin Bieber is late. Justin Bieber is pregnant. Pass it on. [The Guardian; People]

Watch out world, Taylor Swift is setting the record straight. The barn swallow from Berks County has a new interview in Vanity Fair out this month and she is ready to defend herself. Supposedly referring to jokes made about her love life by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler at the Golden Globes, she told Nancy Jo Sales, "You know, Katie Couric is one of my favorite people. Because she said to me she had heard a quote that she loved, that said, ‘There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.’” Oohh, burn. Hell burn, even. That's the worst kind of burn. Of her much-discussed dating life, Swift clears the air, saying "if you want some big revelation, since 2010 I have dated exactly two people." Those two people, of course, were known teenagers Conor Kennedy and Harry Styles. Swift doesn't appreciate all the speculation and whispering and assertions that she's "some clingy, insane, desperate girlfriend" just because she writes about her relationships, calling that kind of talk "frankly a little sexist." Which, yes, it is of course that. Imagine if we called Colin Farrell some crazy person because he was dating a ton of people back when he was dating a ton of people. It'd be ridiculous. Granted, Colin Farrell wasn't weirdly pandering to his child fans by imitating his ex-girlfriend's accent on an awards show watched by millions of people, but other than that strange behavior, Swift is right. It's unfair. But really the most important detail we've gleaned from the article so far is this: "As she sits drinking lavender lemonade in her 'Tim Burton–Alice in Wonderland–pirate ship–Peter Pan' apartment." YOWSERS. Lavender lemonade? I mean that's parody. That is a ha-ha. A silliness. No one drinks lavender lemonade, especially in their apartment, which was once described in Rolling Stone like this: "The ceiling is arranged in multiple motifs — billowing curtains here, a painted indigo night sky there. In one corner, under hanging crystalline stars, sits a giant bunny made of moss." That part is just not real. The rest of it, sure, fine, I'm on board, but the lavender lemonade in the girltime dreampalace? Nope. Absolutely not. [Vanity Fair]

Lots of political folks in New York City recently! The Clintons, Bill and Hillary, were seen strolling hand in hand on Sunday evening in Union Square. They'd just had dinner at hot restaurant NoMad and decided to go for a walk together. They were in town for daughter Chelsea's birthday, which Page Six informs us had an '80s theme. Which, oh no Chelsea, you're supposed to be smarter than that, better than that. Eighties theme parties are about as hip as the band Train. Which is to say, the complete opposite of hip. Ah well. Still nice to know that the Clintons were having a pleasant time and that apparently people barely noticed them. [Page Six]

Cute indie couple Jay Baruchel and Alison Pill — well, they're not that indie, he was in The Sorcerer's Apprentice and she's on The Newsroom — have broken off their engagement. Yes, it's over for the two, and was first announced on Jay Baruchel's Twitter. In a post he later deleted, Baruchel wrote "Alone again, naturally. Heartbroken." He then wrote "I won't be on twitter for awhile gang. Getting dumped rules." So... yikes. That was a few weeks ago, and now Pill's rep has confirmed. They were engaged for two years! That is sad. Apparently it was the dastardly distance that did them in, as it does for so many famous couples, with Pill wanting to stay in L.A. and do The Newsroom and whatever else comes up, and Baruchel being content to live and try to work a lot in Canada. So, that's too bad. Sorry guys. [Us Weekly]

Apparently Frank Langella gave Barbara Walters chicken pox. Yup. The professional interviewer was off The View for the past several weeks recovering from the disease, which is pretty dangerous for an 83-year-old, and now that she's back it's come out that she contracted the dreaded pox after hugging and kissing Frank Langella on the cheek at New Year's Eve party. So, Frank Langella gave Barbara Walters chicken pox. That's the kind of thing that's going on these days, here in America. Frank Langella used to date Whoopi Goldberg, by the way. No chicken pox were exchanged. That we know of. [New York Daily News]

Remember last week or something we were laughing at the story of Anthony Marshall, the villain who defrauded his mother Brooke Astor, going to a party for Titanic II, yes Titanic II, wearing a watch he claimed John Jacob Astor, his grandfather, was wearing on the original Titanic, Titanic I, when he died? It was a ludicrous story, about a shadowy fiend wearing a watch found on a corpse in the North Atlantic over a hundred years ago, bringing it to a party celebrating the futuristic and hubristic building of a second ship. Just total weirdosville, this story. And now it gets weirder: The watch was a fake! It was yet another fraud from this crinkled old villain. Turns out someone bought the real watch fifteen years ago and has it in California. Marshall is peddling a hoax watch. While out of jail on appeal. For defrauding his famous socialite mother. Of $60 million. And remember this all has to do with the watch that John Jacob Astor was wearing the night he died on the Titanic. That's what this is all about. What a story. What a town. [Page Six]

Here are some photos of Anne Hathaway leaving a store with paper towels and cleaning spray. So what are the jokes here? She's cleaning up the mess that was her acceptance speech? She's been kissing her Oscar so much she has to clean it? I'm sure there's a joke here, I'm just too exhausted by the whole thing to think of one. Anne Hathaway has worn me out. [Daily Mail]

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