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Today in show business news: The first trailer for Before Midnight is here, Matthew McConaughey may have received a hell of an offer, and Taylor Swift heads to television.

Hold onto your wistful, lovestruck butts. The first trailer for the last film in Richard Linklater, Julie Delpy, and Ethan Hawke's beautiful Before Sunrise trilogy has been released. Before Midnight finds our hero lovebirds, Jesse and Celine in Greece, seemingly in a steady relationship (with kids!), some nine years after they reunited in Before Sunset. And a horrifying 18 years after they first met in Before Sunrise. Will they stay together forever? Will they realize it was never meant to be? Who knows! All we do know is that they will talk and talk and talk and talk. And that's a great thing. Apparently a really great thing, actually. Guys, this is very exciting. Nothing more to say.

Matthew McConaughey's amazing career reinvention continues! There's a rumor swirling around that the Fool's Gold actor — wait, no, that's not fair anymore — that the Magic Mike actor has been offered the lead role in Christopher Nolan's Interstellar. Which is to say he's been offered the lead role in a likely box office smash and possible critically acclaimed event picture. Which is a huge deal for him! He'd be a dum-dum not to take it. You're going to take it, right Matthew? I mean come on. We're talking Christopher Nolan here. This is primetime if ever there was primetime. This thing's a hit and you're set for life. Not that, y'know, Matthew McConaughey is struggling, but, he could use a little respect, y'know? This could be big. [Deadline]

Oh dear. There goes the neighborhood. Taylor Swift has been set to guest star on the season finale of Fox's amiable sitcom New Girl. No word yet on who she's going to play, but unless she's wearing an enormous top hat and doing a bad British accent, I don't wanna see it. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Innnteresting. The guy who played the mayoral campaign staffer on The Killing who [SPOILER ALERT ABOUT A SHOW NOBODY REALLY LIKED] ended up being the killer has been cast on Boardwalk Empire for next season. He'll be playing a young J. Edgar Hoover! That could be a very interesting character to have rattling around on that show. Y'know, with the megalomania and the cross-dressing and the whole Clyde Tolson thing. This show has done a much more expansive job of weaving in historical figures than I thought it would. It can seem a bit gimmicky at times, but mostly it works. So there's no reason to think this won't. Carry on, Boardwalk Empire! [Deadline]


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