Was Shia Fired?

Today in celebrity gossip news: Getting to the bottom of why Shia LaBeouf abruptly left his Broadway play, peeping Rihanna's birthday Instagram, and sighing at a sad story about a storage locker. 

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Today in celebrity gossip news: Getting to the bottom of why Shia LaBeouf abruptly left his Broadway play, peeping Rihanna's birthday Instagram, and sighing at a sad story about a storage locker. 

Yesterday it was announced that Shia LaBeouf, actor and occasional rager, dropped out the Broadway play Orphans, which is scheduled to begin performances in less than a month. The stated reason was "creative differences," an oft-used blanket coverall to describe pretty much anything. We theorized that maybe LaBeouf didn't like stage acting or that perhaps he'd not gotten along with his notoriously difficult costar, Alec Baldwin. Well, it seems that the latter might be the case. LaBeouf has taken to Twitter to help vaguely explain the situation, posting a screen shot of an email he sent to an address that seems to be Alec Baldwin's, writing a stilted thing about what a man is and how a man should behave. At the end he wrote, "Alec, I’m sorry for my part of a disagreeable situation," so it would seem that yes, there was some tension. Also featured in the screenshot is a response email from the play's director, Dan Sullivan, in which Sullivan apologizes to LaBeouf for not listening to him earlier in the process. Hm. Really it's a lot of male actor-y mumbojumbo, weird creative warrior stuff, and it doesn't really explain anything. LaBeouf also posted an email exchange he had with the playwright, Lyle Kessler, last week, in which he apologized for putting his hand through a door in rehearsal. "im a child. don't mind me," read LaBeouf's email, to which Kessler responded "What you're doing is beautiful" and then encouraged Shia to relax a little and take his time. Meanwhile, the New York Post's theater gossip Michael Riedel has a source telling him that LaBeouf "was fired because he wasn’t good in the role" and that the Baldwin excuse is just that, an excuse. To support that theory, LaBeouf did post another email exchange, one between him and Baldwin, in which Baldwin said "I don't have an unkind word to say about you." Though I guess he didn't say he has a kind word, either. Really the only concrete takeaway from all of this is that actors write really weird emails. [Page Six]

Singers Rihanna and Chris Brown are on a sexy vacation in Hawaii right now celebrating Rihanna's 25th birthday, and as befits any 25-year-old these days, she's been Instagramming. Mainly just one picture, though, and nothing too juicy. It's just the couple in a limousine, Rihanna smiling at the camera and Brown looking out the window. Rihanna tagged it #birthdaybehavior, which I guess it is. Sitting in a limo while Chris Brown looks out a window. True birthday behavior. Anyway, in Hawaii Rihanna wore some kind of hubba-hubba bikini, but it was mostly covered up by a... cover-up? I don't know what you call those things. A beach dress? Sure, a mesh beach dress. Anyway. What are we talking about? Some stranger's 25th birthday party? Weird, guys. We are weird. [Us Weekly]

Speaking of weird, and also a little said, a lady who's been on the show Storage Wars, the one where people bid on abandoned storage lockers in the hopes that there's valuable stuff in them, has apparently gone and bought a unit filled with Tila Tequila's stuff. Yeah, after sifting through the items, Nabila Haniss realized she'd just paid a little under $3,000 for the former MTV reality star's property, including "self-portraits, a personal diary, racks of clothes, pictures, Louis Vuitton bags, and personal memoirs about TT's engagement to heiress Casey Johnson, who passed away in 2010." Oh jesus, remember that mess? Haniss of course tried to get in touch with Tequila, but never heard back. She suspects that Tequila doesn't even know the storage unit went into foreclosure. So that's super depressing. Haniss apparently once bought a storage unit rented by Paris Hilton, and then sold all that stuff to someone who ran that ParisExposed.com website. The stuff included sex taps and medical records. Haniss apparently made $10 million off the sale. So, that's terrific. "Tell me, how did you make your fortune?" "It's a funny story, actually. I unwittingly bought a storage locker that was filled with Paris Hilton's medical records and sex tapes and then sold all that stuff to some weirdo who started a pay website where you could look at all the stuff." "Oh... Uh... I have to, um, look over there now." [TMZ]

Michelle Williams is growing her hair out, guys. I know you've been wondering about her hair, all these months and years, and now you know the answer. She's growing it out. It was short for a while, and soon it will be long. She says she's "really working" on it, though obviously it's hard because she can't really control the growth rate of her hair, can she. But, she's doing as much as she can. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. [People]

Williams's Oz the Great and Powerful costar Mila Kunis says that she might consider quitting acting in a few years to try and have a more normal life, including starting a family. She's very realistic about how hard it is for women to age in the biz, and says "my only source of happiness can't be dependent on something so fickle." Which makes total sense. I mean, it's sad sense. It shouldn't be that way, and yet it is. This was all said during an interview in Playboy that she and Oz lead James Franco did together, and Franco tried valiantly to keep her around, asking her "You don't see yourself like Meryl Streep, working into your 60s?" Which, OK, valiant yes, but also a bit obtuse. I don't think anyone has ever suggested that Mila Kunis is the next Meryl Streep. I mean, have they? Who knows, maybe she is. The point is, Franco gamely bounces along and says of course he'd like to be an actor forever while Kunis is considering being over-the-hill at 30. Great profession, Hollywood. [Us Weekly]

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