Taylor Swift's Free-Wheelin' Evening

Today in celebrity gossip: Taylor Swift had a great time at the Grammys, Anne Hathaway had a less great time at the BAFTAs, and Kim and Kanye want to buy lots of houses.

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Today in celebrity gossip: Taylor Swift had a great time at the Grammys, Anne Hathaway had a less great time at the BAFTAs, and Kim and Kanye want to buy lots of houses.

The music world's glitteriest, goriest night, the annual Grammy Awards, were held in Los Angeles yesterday, and while the whole of the Staples Center seemed to be rocking out with their various so-and-sos out, one person in particular appeared to be having a humdinger of an evening. That person was none other than irradiated butterfly Taylor Swift. Yes, ol' Swifty had a prominent front row seat last night and was often shown bopping and reeling during the musical performances. Her dancing was so mesmerizing that even People magazine got into the GIF game to cover the story. Yes, GIFs are spreading everywhere, and we've partly Taylor Swift to thank for that now. Speaking of thanks, though we didn't see her on stage during the broadcast, Swifty did get an award that evening, doing another great humble speech about how golly-gosh awesome it is to win a Grammy and who? Little ol' her? You know, that whole routine. It was just a big night for Taylor Swift. She debuted her amazing new British accent during her performance when she made fun of Harry Styles, which was a really cool and mature thing to do in front of millions of people, very considerate of the other human being involved in the private situation, and also brought a new date with her to the show. But don't worry, it's not another impossible young prince who will never be tied down. Naw, it was just a galpal. People were curious all night just who exactly Swift was sitting next to, and it turns out it was a girl named Claire Waterman, who is the daughter of a jewelry designer named Cathy Waterman. (Apparently she's actually something of a big deal, but I ain't never heard of her.) So it was just a friend date, a night for antics and dancing and maybe a sip of sparkling apple cider at a party afterward. But probably not that. Probably it was right into the flannel pajamas the minute she was in the limo, home by 10 p.m., asleep on her big pink canopy bed, ballerina music box going, torn pictures of boys littering the floor like a forest mat of dead brown leaves. Probably it was just that. [Us Weekly; Daily Mirror; People]

If you're curious what everyone was wearing at the big show last night, here is a slideshow of some fashion highlights and lowlights. Sadly Carrie Underwood's magic dress is not featured, nor is Taylor Swift's big white top hat of destruction. But Katy Perry's chewing gum green boob holder is, as are Kelly Rowland's and Jennifer Lopez's daring dresses and Janelle Monae's matador outfit. Also Kaley Cuoco wore leather pants and a T-shirt. If Kaley Cuoco doesn't feel the need to dress up for your industry's biggest event? The state of your industry's events is not good. Just saying. [Us Weekly]

Back to Taylor Swift's amazing acceptance speech, you know who also gave an amazing acceptance speech this weekend? Anne Hathaway, who won a BAFTA over there in foggy-jolly old Englandtowne for her performance in Les Misérables. Hathaway seemed very winded and surprised when she spoke, saying a goofy thing about George Clooney and then bombing a joke about singing in front of the audience. Then she thanked Victor Hugo. I'm sure his two-hundred-year-old bones are thrilled. Apparently Twitter users made a lot of fun of Hathaway for the speech, though they must have been all Britons, as everything I saw on Twitter last night was a hashtag that LL Cool J told us to tweet. "Tweet this hashtag!" LL Cool J kept yelling, so how would I have seen tweets about Anne Hathaway's bad acceptance speech, unless it was an LL Cool J hashtag? Twitter is only so big. But know that Anne Hathaway did make a speech, and that people did make fun of it, and that in two weeks' time, she will be blaring out her Hathaway call at the Oscars and we may never be the same. [Daily Mail]

Expectant parents Kanye West and Kim Kardashian recently bought a big ol' house in Bel Air for a whopping $11 million, but they are not done with their real estate hunt. Apparently they are looking to be not only bicoastal, but bicontinental. They are looking for places in New York City, Miami, and Paris. As in Paris, France! Where Natalie Portman is gonna live! Maybe they could be roommates or something, save some money. But yes, K & K Music Factory is looking to have several spots around the world, ones near the fashion industry, as both are very into fashions. Especially Kanye, who likes to tell Kim what to wear, taking her on shopping sprees and dressing her like a common doll. You need to be close to the fashion industry to do that. Though you'd think they'd want a place in Milan then too. Maybe Paris is close enough. The couple is currently in Brazil and have been having a good time, leading TMZ to speculate that they might buy a house down there too. And why not? Buy a house everywhere! Buy a house in Kiev, in Worcester, in the lonely outpost of Darwin. Just have a house anywhere it's possible to have a house, that way you'll always be home. [TMZ]

Justin Bieber tried to have a video chat with his fans last night, live streaming through some device or another, but it didn't work. He has too many fans and they overloaded the sites he tried to use. So instead he made a video of himself shirtless while "on a vacation" with his family. He talks to the camera for a bit, apologizing for the chat not working, and then he plays a snippet of his new song. After that his little brother and sister come in and he talks to them for a bit. It's a grainy, mostly contentless video, but what's amazing about it is to think about how this technology exists at all. Like these kids' favorite pop star, their beloved underpants-buncher, is talking to them on the internet. He was going to do a live video chat, tweens and teens and creepy adults watching him through their home computers, sitting in their living rooms or kitchens or bedrooms or Soho offices or wherever the computer is, watching him live, right there. That's amazing! I mean, I think my sister would have burst into molecule gas if Nick Carter had shown up on her computer screen at one point. It's amazing how much access kid fans have to their idols these days. Really amazing. Anyway, if you didn't already watch this important video, it's time. [Daily Mail]

Oh no. "Buckwild Star Arrested for Drug Possession." Salwa Amin was caught with oxycodone and heroin and charged with possession and, what's really bad, intent to deliver. So she could be in some trouble! Basically, it begins. Get outta there, kids. While you still can! It's not too late for you! This one might be a lost cause, but the rest of you, get the heck outta there. Run away from the cameras, get on a bus or a train, and leave that place. It's infected. Think of it like someone with a zombie bite. There is no saving them. There is only running. Run, kids. Run. [TMZ]

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