Taylor Swift vs. Canada

Today in celebrity news: Taylor Swift is being sued by Canadians, Harry Styles is doing fine post break-up, and Rihanna was harassed at a club.

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Today in celebrity news: Taylor Swift is being sued by Canadians, Harry Styles is doing fine post break-up, and Rihanna was harassed at a club.

American song-mouse Taylor Swift is being sued by a Canadian ticketing company for a whopping $1.8 million. What happened was this: Swift was scheduled to perform at a big hoedown. Yes, hoedown. A hoedown is something they have in Canada, because what else is there to do in Canada? A whole lotta nothing. Nothing, and hoedowning. That's all there is. (And watching The Avenue.) Anyway, Swift was paid $2.5 million to perform at the Ottawa event, called the Capital Hoedown, but because it was mismanaged, the promoters had to cancel the thing and the ticket company had to refund everyone's tickets. The refunds cost the company $1.8 million, so they want Swift to pay that amount, since she never actually performed. Swift says she never made a deal with the ticketing company, meaning she'd like to keep the money if possible. So we've got dozens, literally dozens, of disappointed Canadian country music fans. (The tickets were $75,000 each.) We've got a hoedown that never went down. And we have Taylor Swift being as stubborn as a Saskatoon snow mule. Just give Canada its money, Taylor! You're richer than Croesus. What do you need $1.8 million for? A new indoor treehouse for your Nashville condo? Come on. Fork it over so Canada can go back to being a cheerful nation once more. They're already reeling in the wake of their hoedown being canceled, and now they're being denied their money. Take pity on Canada, Taylor. They are a gentle, simple peoples who are not used to your fast, greedy American ways. [TMZ]

Meanwhile, Swift's ex-boyfriend, One Direction's curly headed sing-squirrel Harry Styles, says he is "good" post-breakup. He was on a London radio station yesterday, and when asked directly he said that he's doing well and that Swift's performance at the Grammys didn't bother him at all, even though she obliquely made fun of him by speaking in a (bad) British accent at one point. "It was just another good Taylor Swift performance. It was good," is what he said of it, showing rare diplomacy for a 19-year-old. (Diplomacy that Swift, at 23, seems less capable of.) So, that's that. Taylor Swift is busy battling Canada while Harry moves on. On Valentine's Day, Styles was seen at Leeds University, where he was partying it up with young college gals and having a good old time. Apparently the girls-to-boys ratio at the party was something like 10 to 1. So, the boys at Leeds University spent their Valentine's Day sitting in their dorm rooms wandering where everyone was.[Us Weekly]

Rihanna was attacked by a crazy fan at a London Fashion Week event this weekend. The singer was at a nightclub when suddenly a guy threw an energy drink bottle at her while screaming something about her relationship with Chris Brown. It seems he was angry at her for getting back with her violent ex. So he decided to... throw something at her. Sound logic, that. Rihanna was mostly fine, suffering a slightly bloody knee, and later was home posting things on the Internet like normal. So Rihanna isn't really hurt, is still with Chris Brown, and seems unfazed. All that dude accomplished was wasting a bottle of delicious British energy drink. [Us Weekly]

Uncle Poodle from Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, Honey Boo Boo's gay uncle, has sent naked photos to people on the gay social app Grindr, and now someone is trying to sell those naked photos. Again, of Honey Boo Boo's uncle. Apparently Poodle does trade on the fact that he's on the show while trying to hookup, being quick to say things like "So you know who honey boo boo is? That's my niece," but that doesn't mean he should have naked pictures of himself sold to websites. It doesn't really matter, though, as I can't imagine anyone is actually going to pay for them. Who really cares? Uncle Poodle cares and then maybe... no one else? That would be like having naked pictures of the mom lady on Real Housewives of Miami. Who cares? Well, OK, actually I think people would maybe want to see those, but you get my point. Who wants to pay money to see naked Uncle Poodle? He's a perfectly handsome guy, but he's just some guy. And apparently you can get them for free if you're on Grindr and down in his neighborhood. So just do that for god's sake. Ridiculous. [TMZ]

Fashion designer Richie Rich is not homeless, even though people have been saying that he is. The Heatherette designer is said to have been in a bad way since Heatherette stopped doing much of anything back in 2008, but Rich says he's fine and that the company is getting back into business and that he hasn't been bounced out of his apartment and is not reduced to sleeping on friends' couches. He says he simply wanted to move and then go visit his parents for a while. See, it's all about perspective. You think he's been tossed out of his place and can't find anywhere to live, he says he left when the building went coop and has been staying with his folks for a while to "recharge." Same story, two different perspectives. And you may think his career has hit the skids, but Rich also just had a lingerie show last week that was attended by one of the Mob Wives. So, where you see problems, he sees... Mob Wives. He's doing fine! [Page Six]

Look at this picture of Knox Jolie-Pitt dressed like his dad, Brad. All black, aviator shades, long-ish hair. It's cute! I mean, 4-year-old children shouldn't dress that cool, but it's cute. [Us Weekly]

Natalie Portman went whale watching with her family. Thought you might want to know. [Daily Mail]

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