The Best Moments from the Oscar Red Carpet, 2013 GIF Edition

From hungry Jennifer Lawrence to Anne Hathaway's semi-nip slip, here are the most irreverent moments from the Oscars, pre-actual Oscars.

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Before the crazy Oscar show there's always the crazy red carpet. As part of our ongoing live coverage we've collected some of the most irreverent moments from the Oscars, pre-actual Oscars. Take a look, from hungry Jennifer Lawrence to the Kristin Chenoweth backlash and Anne Hathaway's nipples.

Quvenzhané Wallis' Puppy Purse

The Beasts of the Southern Wild star showed her signature puppy purse to fellow Best Actress nominee Jessica Chastain in a moment that can only be described as, well, awwwwww.

Wallis told Ryan Seacrest: "This is a special dog."

On a separate note, E! correspondents insisted on calling Quvenzhané Wallis "lil' Q."

Eddie Redmayne's Hair

The Les Misérables hunk stepped out with a bizarre hairdo. It did nothing to detract from his gorgeousness, but it did make for some good jokes on Twitter.

Jacki Weaver as the "Big Bad Wolf"

The Silver Linings Playbook actress complimented Seacrest's eyes, and Twitter turned her into the "Big Bad Wolf."

Sally Field Ties Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Bow Tie

Jennifer Lawrence Messes With the Mani Cam

Jennifer Lawrence gave one of her characteristically awesome interviews. Complaining about how she hasn't had time to eat and the show's so long.

Then she yelled into E!'s terrifying Mani Cam to Emma Stone: "Your ass is mine, Stone." The Mani Cam however missed it, being apparently only reserved for hands.

More priceless J.Law moments include this face:

And her getting "bleeped" when talking with Kristin Chenoweth.

Anne Hathaway Prompts Nip-Slip Question

Anne Hathaway's Prada dress—which looked to some like an apron and which she chose apparently three hours before she arrived—prompted some, well, propriety questions.

However, the conclusion is that those were actually fabric folds after all.

She and Seacrest also talked about what games they like. He likes Farkle, she likes Cards Against Humanity.

Chenoweth Backlash

Broadway star and red carpet host for ABC Kristin Chenoweth has prompted some backlash on Twitter. The bubbly pint-sized singer has had Hugh Jackman pick her up, made a lot of her tiny size, and insisted on asking guests what's hiding in a box that supposedly holds the "Oscar Mystery."   (The mystery item, which Anne Hathaway guessed correctly, was Dorothy's ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz.)


Here, Chenoweth displays how tiny she is against Adele:

K-Stew's Crutches

Presenter Kristen Stewart appeared in Reem Acra...and crutches.

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