Michelle and Jason Are No Longer

Today in celebrity news: Michelle Williams and Jason Segel have ended their relationship, so have Rachel McAdams and Michael Sheen, but Matt Damon and his wife are having a second secret wedding.

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Today in celebrity news: Michelle Williams and Jason Segel have ended their relationship, so have Rachel McAdams and Michael Sheen, but Matt Damon and his wife are having a second secret wedding.

Word comes today that cute, if precarious seeming, couple Michelle Williams and Jason Segel have split up. The couple, who were seen cavorting around New York a lot last year, often with Williams's daughter Matilda in tow, were last seen together (meaning: tracked down by photographers) in Cancun last month. They were there with Williams's bestie Busy Phillips, who of course knows Segel from their old Freaks and Geeks days. But yes, things had been going well for the two, both television stars turned successful movie pros, but it seems the distance was ultimately too much for them and they parted ways earlier this month. She's in New York, he has to be in LA to film How I Met Your Mother, nothing to be done about that. Which probably marks number one million on Segel's list of reasons why he really wishes that show would get canceled already. But, alas, it got picked up for another season, so he'll just have to suffer for another year. At least he'll make millions of dollars in the process. So yeah, fellas. Michelle Williams is single. Head on over to Brooklyn and pose cutely in some coffee shop and maybe she'll find you. Ladies? Hang around in some dive bar on Sunset and I'm sure Segel will come to you eventually. Happy hunting. [Us Weekly]

Everyone's breaking up! Our second split of the day is Michael Sheen and Rachel McAdams. The May-August romance (he's 44, she's 34) began sometime after the two met on the set of Midnight in Paris. They always seemed like sort of a strange couple, didn't they? I mean both are very classy, good actors, but, y'now. He's Michael Sheen. And she's Rachel McAdams. She glows with her own radiant light source and seems a more demure descendant of Aphrodite goddess of love, and he's, well, he's Michael Sheen. Very likable Michael Sheen yes, but Michael Sheen nonetheless. But who knows why anyone is attracted to anyone else. We can't explain that weird brain chemistry. All told, they seemed like a nice pair, smart and sophisticated. Oh well. [Us Weekly]

OK, well, not everyone is breaking up. Some people are even renewing their vows. Matt Damon and his wife Luciana Barroso got married eight years ago in a simple, small service in Manhattan. But now that they've got the time and certainly the money, they're gonna do a big destination wedding celebration, location unknown. Back in 2005 they just did a quickie in City Hall, so they really want to make this a big thing. Invitations have been sent out, though the location is still a secret, and people have been instructed that they cannot bring their kids. So this is an adults weekend, meaning booze and talk of politics and probably several orgiastic explosions of pure lurid grownup bliss. Or, I dunno, the place they're going is fancy and they don't really allow kids there. This whole thing is going down in April, so I'm afraid to say that if you haven't gotten your invitation yet, you're probably not getting one. I mean you never know, but it just seems like you would have heard something by now. [Page Six]

Prince Harry, British lord of carnal pleasures, has traveled to Lesotho, not to spread the sexy word of Great Britain, but to do some other, but no less noble, charity work. He just had a little skiing trip with his current main squeeze Cressida Bonas, so now it's time to get back to work. He met with the Prince of Lesotho and they toured a center for the deaf and a school for the blind together. Harry tried to learn sign language from the kids but had a hard time, and then he went outside and did a little dance with the kids. People magazine has an animated GIF of Harry dancing in the article. These GIF things really are taking off! Which means we basically have the newspapers from Harry Potter now. Sure our actual physical newspapers don't move yet, but it's essentially the same thing. J.K. Rowling knows all. [People]

Someone recently overheard Kirsten Dunst at a restaurant in L.A. complaining about having to fly business class to Paris Fashion Week instead of first class and accusing friends of calling the paparazzi on her. She also complained about friends pestering her to get them into big Oscar parties. Which, I'm sure she could, but it'd probably be harder these days than, say, it would have been seven years ago. The first class days were a little while ago now, is what I'm saying. Though that's not the case according to Dunst's people. A rep told Page Six that the actress is, in fact, flying first class. Ha, oh OK. Phew. I was worried there for a second. "No my client wasn't whining about having to fly business class to Paris, because she is flying first class to Paris." Glad to know it all worked out for her. [Page Six]

Here is a video of boy band One Direction performing in Glasgow. At one point Harry Styles, the mussy-haired favorite of the group, gets a shoe to the groin. Someone threw a shoe from the audience and it hit him in the crotch. Yup, just like that. Harry doubles over onto the stage floor and his bandmates crowd around him, but it's all a joke really. Harry doesn't seem hurt so much as maybe a little embarrassed, and the crowd loves it. "Harry acknowledged that he has genitals! Harry has genitals!" It's a very exciting moment for them. Anyway, it wouldn't matter if he was hit hard or not. The crucial damage to that region has already been sufficiently done by wearing those pants for the past two years.

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