Lena Dunham Tells Her Voting Truthers to Have a Nice Day

After a blog alleged that she didn't vote in this election, Dunham took to Twitter to clear up the situation. Maybe. 

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Well, this brings us back to the heat of campaign season: If you had forgotten, Lena Dunham made an ad for President Obama that outraged conservatives because of its joke comparing voting to losing your virginity. But last night Gatemouth at the blog Room Eight posted an "exclusive" touting information (along with a lot of off-color jokes) that a Lena Dunham registered in Brooklyn did not vote in 2012. Her publicist told Breitbart that, yes, she did vote, but the Girls creator herself took to Twitter this afternoon to explain exactly what happened:

The Board of Elections in the City of New York explains on its page providing information regarding "voting on election day" that one of the circumstances in which you are allowed to vote on a paper ballot is:

If your name does not appear on the list of registered voters or if your signature is missing from that list, you will be given an affidavit ballot and an envelope in which to seal it in. At the close of the polls, the sealed envelopes are brought back to the Board of Elections offices where your registration will be verified before your ballot is canvassed.

Officials at the BOE in Brooklyn told Hunter Walker of Politicker that ,yes, voting by affidavit was allowed because of an executive order Governor Andrew Cuomo issued in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. The BOE added that they are “still working on the voter history for last year’s elections” and don't have all of the information on people who voted in that fashion.

So that's settled, right? Well, the one remaining piece of mystery to this whole thing involves a tweet Gawker found which seems like it places Dunham in India around the time of the election and implies had already voted before the election already happened.

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