Meester and Brody Are Officially a Thing

Today in celebrity gossip: Two of your favorite teen soap stars are dating, the nation of Thailand is angry at Saturday Night Live, and Kate and Wills take a little jaunt to the islands. 

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As if by some kind of bizarre Josh Schwartz yenta magic, the stand-out stars of his two big shows, Adam Brody from The O.C. and Leighton Meester from Gossip Girl, have gotten together. What's been rumored for a little while has now been confirmed, because it's in the pages of Us Weekly.  The online pages, anyway. They're dating, officially. It's only been a few weeks, says the mag, but still. Still! Look at those two jerks. Look how attractive they are. And not just attractive, but, like, well-suited or something. They just make sense together. Good for them. If it couldn't be, ahem, someone else, ahem, I guess Leighton Meester will do for dear, darling Adam Brody. So far the couple has already been to LACMA and Bangkok together, so I guess they like things artsy and exotic. Sigh. They're just perfect together, aren't they? Josh Schwartz, you are one miraculous demon. You really are. [Us Weekly]

Speaking of Bangkok, the nation of Thailand, like the whole country, is upset about the recent Saturday Night Live skit that was basically a big long joke about the country's whole deviant sex tourism thing. Yeah. It was a fake Rosetta Stone ad that had people learning French to cook, Spanish to communicate better, and Thai to talk to young prostitutes more efficiently. I thought the joke was a funny little surprise, but I guess the Thai government didn't like it. They're demanding that the skit be taken off YouTube, with the Thai Culture Minister working with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to get something done. And if you know anything about Thai politics, you'll know that the Culture Minister working with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is a big deal. Those guys hate each other! Well, OK, fine, no, I don't know anything about Thai politics either. I'm just making that up. But whatever. What I do know is that the skit probably isn't disappearing from the Internet, and SNL skits aren't on YouTube anyway. I know they're upset, but, well, them's the breaks. One might argue that the source of the joke is what they should be focusing on, but that might be overstepping. [Page Six]

Yesterday we were gushing about Duchess Kate, someday Queen Kate, making her second pregnant public appearance in two weeks, and little did we know that she and her husband, Prince William/Duke William, have flitted off for a sexy private vacation. Yeah, they've jetted off to Mustique, the island where Mick Jagger and other luminaries like to vacation, to stay at a place that's $30,000 a week. That's like $4,000-plus a night. Pretty cool, guys. All on the Britons' tax dime, eh? Well, maybe not. Kate and Wills joined Kate's parents, who were already there, so maybe they're picking up the tab? Kate is of course from a huge party supply fortune, so they can afford it. Whoever is covering the trip, it's an awfully lavish one for a quick February getaway. I'm going upstate this weekend to sleep in a small house with six people and that's a big deal for me. Just to put things in perspective. Ah, well, I suppose they've earned it. You know, going to polo matches and shaking withered hands at hospitals and other public places must really take it out of them. [Us Weekly]

That really wacky looking guy who did the sign language during the Super Bowl performances — he wasn't wacky looking because of the sign language, he was wacky looking because of his face and clothes — is now a star. Well, star enough to be on TMZ, anyway. Their vulture cameras caught up with the guy on some sunny street in Los Angeles and he genially joked around with them, saying that his hands are insured and giving the camera guy a lesson in the breadth of American Sign Language. It's sort of a surreal and wonderful video because the guy's interpreter is off camera translating and there are birds chirping. TMZ occasionally bumps into an odd moment of grace, don't they. They really, really don't mean to, but sometimes they do anyway. [TMZ]

Kim Kardashian wants a divorce because she's pregnant with Kanye West's kid and she's ready to move on with her life. But Kim Kardashian's soon to be ex-husband Kris Humphries is having none of it. He doesn't want rushed divorce proceedings, or at least his real gem of a lawyer doesn't. The lawyer is now on record as saying that Kim is using "an apparently unplanned pregnancy" to rush the divorce case to trial before anyone's had time to sort things out. Yeah. The lawyer for the guy who was married to Kim Kardashian for only 72 days in what was clearly a complete sham done only for the benefit of TV cameras is now complaining about how fast things are moving. I mean... Kris. I know you want money and maybe you are so incredibly dim that you are actually surprised that the marriage was a joke, but your lawyers should at least be smarter than that. Or, ha, I guess they should be smart enough to be as dumb as their client. Maybe this is the divorce proceedings that both parties deserve. Maybe this is how it was supposed to go. OK, fine. Carry on, you two jerks. Maybe, in the best case scenario, some wacky judge will issue a ruling that you have to live in a creepy old mansion together for the weekend. "If you can survive a night in the house on Haunted Hill, then I'll grant your divorce," he'll say, all the while slyly knowing that the spooky night will bring them closer together. That's about as good as anyone can hope from this whole mess at this point. [People]

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