Katie Holmes Goes Bowling ... with a Man!

Today in celebrity gossip: Katie Holmes headed to the lanes with a fella, Rihanna has a new hairdo, and Harry Styles is 19 years old.

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Today in celebrity gossip: Katie Holmes headed to the lanes with a fella, Rihanna has a new hairdo, and Harry Styles is 19 years old.

Lady of New York Katie Holmes was spotted Wednesday night doing something more befitting her Ohio past: Bowling. Yes, bowling, that beery hobby of bad shoe-smell and filthy finger holes. Granted, Holmes was at Lucky Strike Lanes in Hell's Kitchen, which are kind of fancy, but still! Bowling! How pedestrian. And she was there with just one other person, a man. Bowling for two, eh? Some sort of witness says that the two appeared to be "just friends" — which, I mean, it is Hell's Kitchen — but I don't know if I believe it. Who goes bowling with just one other person on a Wednesday night as just a casual kind of a hang? Seems odd. Yeah, sure, they were just drinking "a few beers" and Holmes was in "floral overalls," which isn't necessarily formal date attire, but I dunno. What we do know is that she scored a 152, which is pretty decent! About halfway to perfect, which isn't bad. So, a good night had. But how good? Who was this mysterious male companion who she was bowling with until 1 a.m.?? Bowling is Ohio's language of love, so it could mean something serious. Or she could have just been hanging out with a male friend in Hell's Kitchen, where many of New York women's "male friends" reside. [Page Six]

Alert alert! All hands on deck! Rihanna has a new hairdo! Yup. Ring the alarm, light those pyres on mountaintops like in Lord of the Rings. The world must know. Rihanna has done one of those deals where half of her head is shaved and the other half has lots of hair. The lots of extra hair look to be extensions. Us Weekly describes the look as an "asymmetrical punk-rock hairstyle." And if Us Weekly describes something as "punk-rock," it most assuredly is not punk-rock. So it's an asymmetrical regular-rock hairstyle. Or just an asymmetrical hairstyle. It's a hairstyle. It's Rihanna's new hairstyle. [Us Weekly]

Marion Cotillard, a moth that a lonely French witch turned into a real girl many years ago and raised as a daughter, was the Woman of the Year at the 2013 Hasty Pudding parade in Cambridge yesterday. That's the Harvard theater thing where a bunch of nerdy guys dress up in drag and roast a celebrity. They can get big celebrities to come to their weird thing because it's an old, old tradition and people in America treat Harvard like Renaissance folks used to treat the Vatican. It's a holy place, and if the holy place says "Come over," you're gonna come over. I mean, Marion Cotillard isn't an American, in fact she'd never even been to Boston before, but some American on her team surely said "You have to do this" when she was approached about it. So yeah, there was a gentle roast and Cotillard did a little singing like Edith Piaf and then there was the parade through the streets of Cambridge. Prior to, Cotillard ate a "healthy lunch of bibb salad, flaky provencal galette, and chocolate torte" at the tony/cozy UpStairs on the Square. And then, after the parade, she presumably got the hell out of Boston. [The Boston Globe]

Remember how Bradley Cooper was shirtless at a cycling class in Tribeca recently? Well, he was, and it caused a commotion. Not to be undone, Colin Farrell was recently spotted at a yoga class uptown, also sans shirt. He doesn't seem to have caused quite as much of a stir, though, perhaps because of his "sleek ponytail." Eyugh. If this was 1987 maybe the ladies would go for a sleek ponytail, but it is not 1987, it is 2002 (right?) and we do not like sleek ponytails these days. You win this round, Cooper. Better luck next time, Colin. [Page Six]

Broadway bird Kristin Chenoweth was treated harshly by American Airlines employees at the Dallas airport recently, when she tried to board with her dog but supposedly didn't have the proper papers registering him as a service dog. She was apparently berated by mean gate agents until the airline realized its error and let her on the plane. I'm sure it was a very traumatizing experience for her, but one question: Why does Kristin Chenoweth need a service dog? Or is it just her dog, that she registers as a service dog, so it can get on planes with her? Y'know? Maybe Kristin Chenoweth suffers from something I'm not aware of and if so I apologize, but otherwise? I'm not really sure the whole "service dog" thing isn't just a canard to get her way. That's all. Anyway, American Airlines hopes Kristin Chenoweth will fly with them again, which, guys. No. I'm afraid that airship has sailed. [TMZ]

It was Harry Styles's 19th birthday yesterday, and he celebrated all day in London. First he played a round of "football" (the armless European version) with some mates, including One Direction bandmate Louis Stylinson (just Louis, huh? Is he your favorite, Harry? Hmmm??) and, apparently, the members of some sort of Australian boy band called 5 Seconds of Summer. Excuse me, five what of who? That is a terrible band name, guys. Terrible! But yes, they kicked the ball around and seemed to have fun, and then that night Harry had a party at the Groucho Club, attended by his gay bff Nick Grimshaw, Tony-winner James Corden, and, among other famous guests, known adult Jason Statham. At a 19-year-old's birthday party. Hm. It's almost as if these adults thought there might be other drunk young available people at this teenager's birthday party. But I'm sure that's not it. [Daily Mail]

Speaking of clurrrrbs, our own Sean "Puff-n-Stuff" Combs was at the newly reopened Manhattan club Marquee, the big famous Marquee, on Wednesday night and he bought every table in the place a bottle of Circo vodka. Pretty generous of him! Of course, he is an investor in Ciroc and is often hawking the product in any way he can, but I'm that had nothing to do with this act of kindness. No, he was just feeling generous. Nice guy. [Page Six]

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