Justin and Selena Reunite

Today in celebrity gossip: Bieber and Gomez can't stay away from each other, a sexy photo scandal is rocking the literary world, and some more details about Harry Styles's birthday.

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 Today in celebrity gossip: Bieber and Gomez can't stay away from each other, a sexy photo scandal is rocking the literary world, and some more details about Harry Styles's birthday.

Who cares how your weekend was. What we all want to know is: How was Justin Bieber's weekend? Well, it was pretty interesting, apparently! Though he and Disney actress turned Harmony Korine victim Selena Gomez are technically still dunzo, Gomez was spotted leaving J.Biebs's house early Saturday morning. Meaning, they had a sleepover. That's what people are surmising, anyway. She could have been having a power breakfast with him. You know, half a grapefruit, box of Go! energy drink, some cut oats, and three cod liver pills while they discussed business. It's possible that small children such as themselves are doing that these days, what with the Internet and all. Anyway, the point is that they're still talking and hanging out and that she might have stayed over at his house. She was driven back to her own home that morning by one of Bieber's drivers. Which must be weird. To have a boyfriend — or not boyfriend! Breakfast partner! — who says "I'll have one of the drivers take you home," while he rolls over and goes back to farting into the bedsheets. I don't know if these kids are getting the best education in the school of life, really. He should have to stumble with her back to her house, give her an awkward kiss and hug at the front door, and then go off in search of a breakfast sandwich while she endures her roommate scolding her for "doing it again." That's how sleepovers at 18 and 20 are supposed to work. Ah well. [Us Weekly]

Hold onto your butts, because there is some literary gossip this morning! OK, fine, "literary gossip" doesn't sound that exciting, but bear with us. Luke Janklow, the heir of the bigtime lit agency Janklow & Nesbit, has been caught sleeping with another man's wife. He was apparently been fooling around with a lady named Sara Ruffin Costello, who used to work for Domino magazine, and her photographer husband found out. He discovered some sexy "sext" snaps of Luke on her phone, and decided to email the pictures to everyone at Janklow & Nesbit. Meaning everyone at the company has now seen boudoir photos of their boss's son. Apparently some agents at the company — which reps Page Six favorites like Gay Talese, Danielle Steele, and Tom Wolfe — have left in shock and disgust, though Janklow's lawyer says that's simply not true. He told Page Six: "The agents leaving because of Luke’s behavior is not true. This is a crude attempt by two agents who work with Ari Emanuel’s WME to discredit Luke in the hopes Mr. Emanuel can acquire the Janklow agency cheaply." Whoa! Now Ari Emanuel is involved?? This is all very exciting! Sexy photos, a screw-up scion, agency takeovers, Gay Talese. What more could you ask for? Oh, here is what else you could ask for: "They declined to comment as did Luke, who is now dating Stella Schnabel." A Schnabel is somehow involved too?? Good lord, someone go check on the Page Six offices. They might have fainted from pure convergent ecstasy over there. "They should have sent a poet..." they murmur as they lie on the floor, twitching. It's just too perfect. [Page Six]

Here is a very cute photo of Beyoncé and Jay-Z hugging after her big Super Bowl concert last night. They are very happy to be each other, aren't they? Just very happy that they are themselves. As well they should be. Not pictured here are Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland sitting glumly in the back of a van, waiting to be taken back to the Hampton Inn out by the airport. No one's taking a picture of that. [Us Weekly]

Here is a very small, spare, and wistful post by TMZ. Yes, it's true. They've done a good job on this one. It's about Tom Brady. Not about his mega-mansion or his beautiful wife and children. No, it's very much just about Tom Brady. You'll see. You might laugh, you might sigh, you might scratch your head and stare out your office window and wonder how it got to be February so quickly. Or you might say "Eh," and click away. But that's OK. There is plenty of room for interpretation there. [TMZ]

Apparently One Directioner Harry Styles had a stripper hired for him for his birthday. Mmhm. The lad celebrated his 19th birthday in swinging fashion for a second night at a London nightclub on Friday, and his friend Nick Grimshaw (a gay, not that that matters) hired a lady stripper to do a silly routine for him. It wasn't too risque, so don't worry. She gave him a lap dance but never got nude. Harry said that he was "in stitches" and his bandmate Niall Horan said of the whole night: "Was a right laugh." A right laugh. Ha. Them's people talk funny! Also, look at that tweet. 83,000 retweets! 83,000! That is a lot of retweets. Hopefully his email notifications are turned off. Anyway. Harry Styles is now 19. The rest of us are old people. [The Sun]

Lindsay Lohan has decided that she should probably pay her former lawyer the approximately $150,000 she owes her. It seems that Lohan didn't know that she owed Shawn Holley (a lady) any money, but then someone told her, "Oh, um, you kind of do." And Lindsay said, "What, like a hundred dollars?" and the person said, "Well, uh, actually about one hundred and fifty thousand" and then after they revived Lohan with smelling salts she said "Oh..." So she's put Holley "at the top of her creditors list," which is an old parchment scroll that is almost thirty feet long. It snakes its way out of the tower library where it is kept and down the stone steps almost to the alchemist's chambers. It's a long list, is the point. But now this lawyer lady is at the top of it. Well, almost. The number one spot is Lindsay — she owes herself things! She does! — and of course number two, forever number two, is the Chateau Marmont. But after that! After that it's this lawyer, who kept her out of Azkaban all those years and is owed some payment. Once that The Canyons money starts rolling in, she'll get her due. [TMZ]

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