John Galliano Continues to Be Terrible

Today in celebrity gossip: The fashion designer may have done something awfully offensive at New York Fashion Week, Taylor Swift has a lot of beef, and Steve Martin has a baby at 67.

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Fashion designer John Galliano, who was fired from Dior after being caught on video hurling antisemitic remarks at people next to him at a restaurant, has just gone and maybe insulted Jewish people, and really everyone, once again. On his way to see the Oscar de la Renta show at New York Fashion Week yesterday — which is to say on his way to somewhere very important, because he is a very important person — Galliano was photographed dressed in a getup that could perhaps be described as a modified Hasidic outfit. You know, black coat, hat (not the hat pictured above), payot, the whole deal. His pants were short and he had on blue tights underneath them, but the inspiration seemed pretty clear. Which, normally, whatever. It's just some dumb fashion guy bein' weird. But in light of what Galliano has said to Jewish people, on video — things like "I love Hitler!" — in the past, it seems more than a little prickish to publicly wear an outfit that does seem to be mocking Jewish traditions. I'm not saying that no one but a Hasid gets to wear hats and payot and long black coats in New York City or anywhere else, people can wear what they want, but given the context, the context of this buffoon, then, well, yeah, it seems pretty bad. Why must you be such a jerk, John Galliano? Because you make silly clothes for models and movie stars? Who cares, ultimately? Ugh, the fashion industry. Ugh ugh ugh. [New York Post]

It seems that Taylor Swift had to be kept away from Carrie Underwood at last Sunday's Grammy Awards, because the two have beef or something. Well, some chilliness at least. It's cold beef. There's a a cold beef between Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood. Apparently the rift exists because Taylor feels that Carrie is never very friendly to her when they do interact, so she's just decided to avoid her entirely. A rep for Underwood says that she's just shy, so who the hell knows? I can't imagine that Taylor Swift would ever perceive someone's shyness as a personal slight to her. It's not as if Taylor Swift has ever given us the impression that she views the entire world as revolving around her own emotional life, so there's no reason to think that she might assume that someone not being the friendliest or bubbliest or outgoingest is entirely about her. We've no reason to suspect such a thing. So, they didn't interact with each other on the red carpet or at the show, and Taylor didn't give Carrie a standing-O after she performed. That's some mighty cold beef, all cool and beefy, pressed between them. Speaking of, Taylor Swift and Harry Styles have beef. A hot beef. Oh, yeah, their beef is really hot. At the very least it's warm. It's possibly just a warm beef. Whatever temperature the beef is, it's palpable. Taylor made reference to her One Directioner ex at the Grammys by way of a bad British accent, and now the two might have to bump into each other at the upcoming Kids' Choice Awards. Though it's hard to imagine how's they'll actually physically bump into each other when there's all that hot beef between them. Who knows? But, yeah, they were both announced as Kids' Choice nominees this morning, so if they decide to go, which they very likely will given that kids are both of their most ardent fans, they'll have to do a delicate dance of avoiding one another. They don't want children to see their hot beef, after all. It just wouldn't be appropriate. [Us Weekly; People]

Steve Martin recently welcomed his first child into the world, at 67 years of age. Yes, Martin's 41-year-old wife gave birth back in December, and they're just now informing the public. Sixty-seven years old, huh? So he'll be close to 90 by the time the kid's a sophomore in college. That's... I dunno, man. That's really tough on a kid. And seems kind of cruel. I mean, if that's what they want, that's what they want; it's their DNA. But subjecting a kid to the very real, likely even, possibility that their father will die when they're in their teens or early 20s? And will be in his 70s for most of their childhood? Kinda mean, if you ask me. And I'm someone who has an older dad. Not that old, but older. It can be great and work out fine, as it did for me, but sixty-seven? That's a lot to deal with. Hate to be judgmental about a happy occasion, but what can you do? [Page Six]

Lady Gaga — remember her? She's a pop act who was popular in the early 2010s — has had to delay some concerts due to an injury. It seems she's suffering from synovitis, an inflammation in the joints that can cause a lot of pain. So it's not really an injury per se, it's a condition of the joints, found often in people with gout and arthritis. So maybe Lady Gaga has been eating a lot of meat? Someone should tell her to stop eating her dresses. Either that or she just has old bones. I mean, some of us have long suspected that she's actually much older than she says she is, that she keeps herself looking young with a strange regimen of tonics and elixirs and by using several mysterious machines that she had her people steal from Madonna's basement. So she may look young on the outside, but you can't fool bones. Bones know how old you are. Bones always know. And now she's suffering the consequences. We wish her a speedy recovery. [People]

Kathie Lee Gifford wants to move to Los Angeles and take the Kathie & Hoda wacky wine hour with her. The show is going out for two weeks as a special kind of a thing, but it's also rumored to be dry run for a permanent move. See, Kathie's son Cody, you remember Cody, he's on the USC football team just like his dad, and so she'd be closer to him. Plus her daughter Cassidy, who could forget Cassidy, she's trying to be a model and actress, meaning L.A. could work well for her. So Kathie's got motive and reason. And we all know that Hoda has nothing going for her, nothing tying her to any one place, so she might as well drift with the current, right? I mean, what's she got that isn't the show? Nothin', that's what. A whole Hodaload of nothing. One thing that doesn't make sense about the move, though, is that they'd have to do it three hours earlier in the morning, wouldn't they? Like, start at 7 a.m. west coast time in order to air here at 10 a.m. Which means their cushy schedules would get a little less cushy. And how many people really want to drink wine at 7 a.m.? That's going to be weird for them. But they can't stop drinking wine! It's their whole shtick, just like Cougar Town. Something to think about, ladies. As usual, I'd advise that you base your decision on what's best for your wine drinking. As most thoughtful people do. [Page Six]

Here are some photos of Tallulah Willis smoking a cigarette in a long fur coat. I don't know what else to say about them. She's sitting in a parking lot at one point. She seems deeply invested in whatever is going on on her phone. But mostly the fur coat is what catches the eye. Those Willis girls, man. Those Willis girls sure are something. [Daily Mail]

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