Joey McIntyre Is Back, Girls

Today in show business news: Your favorite Boston boy bander is back, Justin Timberlake is heading to Rockefeller Center once again, and Bill O'Reilly is thinking about Killing Jesus.

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Today in show business news: Your favorite Boston boy bander is back, Justin Timberlake is heading to Rockefeller Center once again, and Bill O'Reilly is thinking about Killing Jesus.

Old Kid on the Block/heartthrob of Boston for life Joey McIntyre has joined the cast of a sitcom pilot called The McCarthys. That's the one about a Boston family that stars Jacki Weaver as the matriarch and Jake Lacy from The Office as her gay son. McIntyre will play "the one short guy in the family who is mad about it." Huh. OK. He's short, and he is mad about. There's your motivation, Joey! Go for it. Another exciting development about this show is that Jessica Chaffin, one half of the wonderful Ronna & Beverly podcast duo, has also joined the cast, as "Jackie, who swings wildly from overconfidence to insecurity, and is completely unaware that she’s her mother’s least favorite." Sounds complicated. We're suddenly very intrigued by this show! All it takes is a pair of true Massholes to join a cast and all of a sudden it's the real deal. [Deadline]

Oh good grief. Justin Timberlake will be hosting Saturday Night Live for a fifth time on March 9, serving as both host and musical guest. So we'll get another increasingly smug bit of mugging from this putz, doing that "Give it on up for Homelessville" routine or whatever he does, and probably Jimmy Fallon giggling through a "Barry Gibb Talkshow" sketch. Ugh. It used to be fun when Timberlake would appear in a sketch, because it was like "Oh, that singer is kinda funny!" But now he's on all the time, like an actual actor, and he's not a very good actor, so the sketch comedy stuff gets a little tiresome. Hasn't it? Am I crazy? I'm probably crazy. Everyone else seems to love this guy. I used to love this guy. But it's too much. Too much from him. Enough. [Entertainment Weekly]

After some ratings ups and downs, FX has decided to renew its Cold War spy thriller The Americans for a second season. That's the first time that Keri Russell will have a second season of a TV show since Felicity. I swear to god if she cuts her hair... [Entertainment Weekly]

Jeremy Jordan, from the Newsies musical and Joyful Noise and now Smash, has been cast as the male lead in movie version of the musical The Last 5 Years, opposite Anna Kendrick. Which is... pretty ridiculous. The musical is about the crumbling of a marriage and career disillusionment and all that, and Jeremy Jordan is 28. And Anna Kendrick is 27! It's just not right. I know she's hip and he's a hunk, but c'mon, movie. Come on. Cast some people in their damn 30s. Because no one's getting married at 22 and 23 anymore. Literally no one. (Except lots of people, but whatever.) [Deadline]

Oh god. Literally, God. Bill O'Reilly has signed a deal to write a book called Killing Jesus: A History. So that ought to be interesting. Good thing Bill O'Reilly knows ancient Greek and Aramaic and is a Near East historian and all that. Because his previous books Killing Lincoln and Killing Kennedy, y'know, anyone could write those, the information about their assassinations is right there, with factual accounts and all that. But with Jesus, uh... Let's just say the history is a little spottier. Y'know? Like, there's the one book but that's not exactly a history text. And then there are a couple of mentions elsewhere, by like Roman guys or whatever... And that's kind of it. O'Reilly is going to have to do a lot of digging! Probably go the Holy Land, do some actual excavating, all that. It's a huge undertaking, really. But he would never skimp on the facts and doing credible research and instead just repeat what's in the Bible or anything, no sir. He's gonna do it whole-hog, that Bill O'Reilly. And the book is supposed to come out on September 24! Sheesh, the guy is a machine. Better get started, Bill-O! [The Hollywood Reporter]

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