How to Crash a Hollywood Awards Show

A notorious prankster nearly spoiled Adele's acceptance speech at the Grammys, and his confession amounts to something like a field guide on how to break in past the red carpet (Sacha Baron Cohen-style) and all the way to the stage (Soy Bomb!).

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Sunday night's Grammys had a blink-and-you-missed-it scandal: Ukranian TV presenter and notorious prankster Vitalii Sediuk nearly spoiled Adele's acceptance speech for Best Pop Solo performance. Sediuk has been at this before — his hijinks include trying to kiss Will Smith. As for his Adele stunt, Sediuk was foiled by Jennifer Lopez and her death glare, and ultimately spent the night in jail. But how did he even get in? Well, he revealed his secrets to the Hollywood Reporter's Seth Abramovitch last night, and it amounts to something like a field guide on how to break in past the red carpet (The Dictator-style) and (almost) all the way to the stage. Oscar people, you've been warned....

Step 1: The Red Carpet

Strategy: Find Friends Who Have Tickets
Since he didn't have credentials, Sediuk simply went with ticketed friends: "They didn’t check how many we had, so I was let in." Sediuk headed for the media line and began to interview celebrities.

Alternative Strategy: Convince the Show to Let You Come
Then arrive in a ridiculous get-up and spill "ashes" on Ryan Seacrest, à la Sacha Baron Cohen.

Step 2: The Front Door

Strategy: Attach Yourself to Someone Famous
Sediuk followed "one girl in a green dress" in. It was Katy Perry.

Alternative Strategy: Pose as a Bodyguard
That's what Nicholas "Sixx" King did to get in to the 2003 MTV VMAs, where he crashed an award presentation by Adam Sandler and Snoop Dogg (by way of standing behind them awkwardly, but still). King is pretty notorious for the security-guard trick — his multiple attempts to get in to the 2004 Grammys that way, alas, were foiled.

Step 3: The Right Spot

Strategy: Get Good Seats
Sediuk just went and sat down in what he thinks was Adam Levine's second-row seat. Levine, according to Sediuk, was "sitting on the ground." That gave Sediuk easy access to the stage when he made his "last second" decision to pretend to accept Adele's award.

Alternative Strategy: Get a Job as a Seat-Filler 
You know, like Kramer did at the Tonys in this Seinfeld episode. You might even get swept up onstage to accept an award.

Step 4: The Stage

Strategy: Move Quickly!
According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sediuk acted so fast that security and bodyguards failed to react. Now that's fast.

Alternative Strategy: Soy Bomb!
At the 1998 Grammys performance artist Michael Portnoy was a "backup dancer" when he ripped off his shirt to reveal the words "Soy Bomb."

Now remember the LAPD was reportedly worried about Chris Dorner making an appearance at the awards show just as this Sediuk strolled in. Sediuk's crashing techniques, actually, are reminiscent of those of White House crashers, the Salahis — just look like you're supposed to be there.

Here's the full Sediuk how-to:

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