The Hard Times of Whitney Cummings

Today in showbiz news: Whitney Cummings gets a show canceled, Ron Weasley heads to TV, and Peter Dinklage is joining the X-Men.

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The E! network has confirmed that it has canceled comedian Whitney Cummings's Chelsea Lately-esque talk show Love You, Mean It after just eleven episodes. Yikes. The show was supposed to create a little late-night dynasty along with Chelsea Handler's show, but I guess that didn't pan out. Hmm. Whitney Cummings is having a rough go of it lately. Last year she was the talk of the town, co-creating 2 Broke Girls and starring on her own show, Whitney. Then she got the talk show and she seemed unstoppable. But now the talk show is over and Whitney is struggling to stay afloat. At least 2 Broke Girls is going strong. It's not like she's gonna starve or anything. But some of the shine has worn off, certainly. Maybe more than some. Hollywood is a tough, fickle town, isn't it? One minute you're in, the next you're out. Wait, no, that's fashion. If you can make it there you can— nope, that's New York. Man, is this really all L.A. has? Really tough town, really tough. [Deadline]

Bryan Singer announced on Twitter today that Peter Dinklage, the Emmy-winning actor from Game of Thrones, has joined the cast of X-Men: Days of Future Past. It's unclear who he will be playing, but most assume he'll be playing the role of Michael Fassbender's pe— nope, no, can't do it. Sorry. Too far. In truth, people have thrown out a few possibilities, but they're just guesses. Nobody actually knows. He could be playing a janitor or a pizza parlor worker for all we know. I mean, he's a famous actor, so it's not likely, but you never know. No sense in guessing. [Entertainment Weekly]

Here's strange news. Rupert Grint, aka Ron Weasley from the Harry Potter Up documentary series, is headed to the television world. Well, he's headed to a TV pilot anyway. Grint has just signed on to play the lead in the CBS pilot Super Clyde. The show is yet another in a string of movies and shows about a regular nobody who up and decides to become a superhero. Grint will play a comic book-reading shut-in who suddenly decides to help humanity when his weird uncle leaves him an inheritance that plays $100,000 a month. The show is from My Name Is Earl/Raising Hope creator Greg Garcia, so it has actual potential to be good, but then again it is CBS, and we all know how CBS does with comedies... But still! Rupert Grint, on our televisions, every week! I mean, he already is, a Harry Potter movie is on television somewhere at any given second throughout the day, but this is different. He's not a dweeby wizard in this one. He's a dweeby superhero. Big difference. [The Hollywood Reporter]

ABC has renewed the Miss America pageant for the next three years, so the Vaseline and Spanx industries are probably having office parties right now. I mean, they're always having parties, sometimes together, but today is extra special. [Deadline]

Aww, good for Hank. Dean Norris from Breaking Bad has just been cast in a big role in CBS's summer miniseries Under the Dome. That's the one based on the Stephen King novel Under the Dome, about people who live under a dome. Norris is going to play the villain of the story, "the successful owner of Chester's Mill's used car dealership and a town councilman" who basically takes over the town. But no one can go anywhere to get away from him, because they're under a dome. In Under the Dome. [The Hollywood Reporter]

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