Get Ready for a Real-Life 'Clue'

Today in show business news: ABC has an exciting new murder-based reality show in the works, MTV renews its hillbilly show, and Ryan Seacrest is going to work with some young men.

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Today in show business news: ABC has an exciting new murder-based reality show in the works, MTV renews its hillbilly show, and Ryan Seacrest is going to work with some young men.

Flames! From the side of my face! ABC has given the go-ahead to CSI creator Anthony Zuiker to make nine episodes of a show called Whodunnit, which will be reality version of Clue, essentially. Yeah, it's a show in which thirteen real people live in an old mansion together and try to figure out who among them is a "murderer." No one is actually going to die, it's just pretend. Every week a contestant is offed while everyone tries to figure out how it was done and by whom, until there is a final three and then a winner, who will get $250,000. Hm. This sounds like fun and all, but how exactly is it going to work? Isn't it going to get kind of obvious who the killer is? When there are only a few left? Will the audience know who the killer is? Will it be like The Mole? A lot needs to be figured out here, but if they can get it right? Oh man could this be a good show. Not as good as the episodes of old sitcoms that would turn into a murder mystery — your Saved By the Bell, your Golden Girls, etc. — but pretty good nonetheless. So, tread carefully Zuiker. And make sure it has nothing to do with Communism. [Vulture]

Yeehaw, or whatever. MTV has renewed its hillbilly reality show Buckwild for a second season. Meaning, more stagey situations, more of Shain bein' a country doofus and Tyler bein' a heart-breakin' sumbitch, and more of the girls shrieking and doing various indistinct things. It's kind of a dull show? What I've seen of it, anyway. Someone told me that Tyler punches someone at some point, so I guess that's interesting. Ah well. At least it will be exciting next season when Angelina "Trashbags" from Jersey Shore tries to get on the show. Walked all the way up into the Appalachians from New Jersey, the poor dear. [Entertainment Weekly]

Speaking of young people running around like fools, E! has picked up a reality series from Ryan Seacrest's production company that's about the band The Wanted. That's the older, more sexual, and let's be honest uglier version of One Direction. The show will be about the band moving to Los Angeles to record a new album and, of course, dealing with matters of the heart. When asked about the genesis of the show, Ryan Seacrest said, "I don't know. It just sort of came to me. A show about a bunch of young men. Who knows where ideas come from? This one just hit me. A television show all about young men. Huh. It's a mystery." Oh, Ryan. [Deadline]

Here is a description of a new movie called Convention that Jennifer Aniston is going to be in: "A Charlie Kaufman-esque mind-bender, the premise finds mild-mannered Paul (Duplass) and his feisty sister Abby (Aniston) setting out to change the box storage world with Paul’s invention of the 5-sided box. Kingsley plays a maniacal box magnate who seeks to thwart Paul and Abby’s success. Meanwhile, the invention also risks ripping a giant hole in the fabric of the universe. When Paul realizes the damage he’s causing, he races against time to put the galaxy back in order and save the girl of his dreams." Yeah. Jennifer Aniston is going to be in a movie about a guy who invents a new kind of box and then almost destroys the galaxy. Sounds like a typical Jen Aniston movie to me. Nothing remarkable about this one. [Deadline]

If you don't like Melissa McCarthy, this is not good news. For the rest of us normals, here is reason to celebrate. The actress has just set up three new movies with the production company that she and her husband Nick Falcone have formed. Universal bought a comedy called Michelle Darnell that's based on a character of McCarthy's invention. They also picked up Cousin Irv From Mars, based on an upcoming illustrated book. McCarthy and Falcone have also joined Fox's Just Do It, a sex comedy based on a book whose subtitle is How One Couple Turned Off the TV and Turned On Their Sex Lives for 101 Days (No Excuses!). So we're gonna be seeing a lot of Melissa McCarthy in the next couple of years! Which is a fine thing. Nothing wrong with that. Lots of Jenny McCarthy? Not so good. Lotta Melissa Gorga? Nuhthanks. But Melissa McCarthy? Fine by me. [The Hollywood Reporter]

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