Duchess Kate Goes Public Again

Today in celebrity gossip news: The Duchess of Cambridge has returned from her "babymoon," Fergie expecting her own little black eyed pea, and Leonardo DiCaprio gets serious about animals. 

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Today in celebrity gossip news: The Duchess of Cambridge has returned from her "babymoon," Fergie expecting her own little black eyed pea, and Leonardo DiCaprio gets serious about animals. 

Duchess Kate, future Queen of England, made her first official appearance in some time yesterday, visiting an addiction treatment facility in London. She had a slight but visible baby bump under a chic MaxMara dress, and was looking tan after having had a little vacation in Mustique. Oh, uh, excuse me, not vacation, babymoon. Yeah. That's what they're all calling it. They being the magazines and the websites. Just tossing the term out there — babymoon — as if it's a known thing. Which, I'm not sure it is. Have we all agreed on babymoon as a word? I mean, did we even have a vote about babymoon? Because I know how I would have voted. I do not like this term. Mind you, if pregnant people want to go on a vacation before they aren't allowed to fly — and, y'know, before they have a small child who prevents them from ever going on vacation again — that's fine by me. Go, enjoy yourself, relax. Hell, you can chillax if you want to. But babymoon? Nope. Not acceptable. Well, what's mostly unacceptable is that magazines are up and using the word as if it's no new big deal. At least put the damn thing in quotes, guys. You gotta introduce the weird guest to the rest of the party because not everyone knows it, y'know? Babymoon. It's right there in the headline, hanging out for all to see! Despicable. Anyway, glad to see the Duchess up and about and looking good. I guess her... ahem... babymoon, ugh... did her some good. [People]

Speaking of pregnant duchesses, Fergie, Duchess of the Black Eyed Peas, is pregnant with a baby. Yes, she and hubby Josh Duhamel are expecting, which Fergie announced yesterday on Twitter. Duhamel, 40, and Fergie, 37, have said that they ultimately want two kids, so they're halfway there now. Meanwhile, will.i.am has given birth to some new cellphone app thing because I guess that's what he does now, while Taboo is hopefully expecting another book. Because the one is just not enough. At press time, apl.de.ap was still missing and presumed not actually a real person. [Us Weekly]

Leonardo DiCaprio, boy heartthrob turned man actor, is taking a little break from the acting grind for a while, having filmed several movies in the past two years. But he's not just siting by his pool drinking Mai Tais out of some lingerie model's bellybutton. No, he's spending his time getting real environmental with it, starting a campaign to save rhinoceroses and elephants. Yesterday he "helped launch," whatever that means, a World Wildlife Fun campaign called "Hands Off My Parts," a title inspired by the time he took his friend Kevin Connolly backstage at a Hawaiian Tropic fashion show. The goal of the project is to discourage the poaching industry, which often kills these rare animals for one part, horn or tusk or whatever else. In an email to supporters, DiCaprio wrote, "These animals are being killed every day to feed an escalating demand for their body parts." And if anyone understands an escalating demand for body parts, it's Leonardo DiCaprio. Dude demands a new body part like every night. I don't think he's ever even drunk a cocktail out of a regular glass. He's an animal. [Page Six]

Hey look! Amy Poehler has bangs! She didn't have bangs before, but now she does. Not like a really intense shelf of bangs, which some folks are doing these days to diminishing returns, but some bangs. A few bangs. Amy Poehler has a few bangs right now. They look good! I'm not sure that we won't all look back at this era of bangs and shake our heads and think "What were we doing..." but you know what? We're going to say that no matter what. Pretty much everything will be horrifying in twenty years, bangs and everything else. It's a depressing thought, but it's true. All those dresses and pants and hairdos that we love right now? They're going to look as weird and dated as shoulder pads and dress shorts and frizzy perms and turtlenecks do now. The world only spins in one direction, friends. So let's just allow Amy to have her bangs. Someday she'll regret them, we'll all regret them, but you can't live your life if all you're doing is avoiding future regret. It just won't work. [Us Weekly]

Michelle Obama took her daughters and some friends skiing in Aspen over the holiday weekend, staying in the home of a big campaign donor and taking some heavily guarded lessons on the slopes. Though they mostly went out in the early morning before the lifts opened, likely so they wouldn't have any disturbances on the hill, their vacation still upset some folks in the area. Particularly those who were trying to fly their jets into town but were unable to do so because air space was closed while the First Lady and her group were around. Which is absolutely criminal. To think that a bunch of innocent, well-meaning Aspenites were unable to land their private jets because of an Obama snow bunny romp is just heartbreaking. When will this administration consider the real average folks, the Joe and Jane Privatejetowners of this country? So out of touch, these people. [Page Six]

On the darker side of the news, adult film distributor Vivid Entertainment has halted sales of the sex tape featuring country singer Mindy McCready in the wake of her suicide. Which was the right thing to do. Though it is a bit like closing the barn door after the person featuring in the sex tape you're selling kills herself. It is a bit like that, Vivid. [TMZ]

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