ABC Family Plans the Next Great Reality Show

Today in show business news: A new reality show about Martha's Vineyard has us excited, The Killing gets more obvious, and a first look at Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson's new Google-based comedy.

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ABC Family, which should really be called ABC Conniving Teen, has been chugging along well these past few years, racking up scripted hits like Greek, Pretty Little Liars, and Secret Life of Shailene Woodley. And now the network is poised to have its first breakout smash reality show. Executives have just ordered a full season of a series called Vineyard, which is described as... drum roll.... "a one-hour docu-soap following a group of twentysomethings in Martha's Vineyard during the summer." !!! Are you dead? Have you fallen over in excitement? OK, so maybe you kinda had to grow up in Massachusetts and know Vineyard kids to get really excited about this, but trust me, guys, this is going to be good. Of course it won't be about the real Vineyard kids, meaning the locals, nor will it be about the other real Vineyard kids, the rich kids who have been summering there all their lives and who would never go on a reality show and probably have time shares with friends in the Hamptons these days anyway. But it will still be interesting. The Vineyard is the magical urtext of American summer idylls — beachy and beautiful but crisp and Northeastern, and melancholy in its James Taylor guitar-strum way. It's the perfect place for a reality show! Perfect. Oh, god, it's so perfect. Read Judy Blume's Summer Sisters. Read that and then get excited for this show. It will be awful, yes, but it will be wonderfully awful. A must-see. For me, anyway. The rest of you can stop rolling your eyes and shut the heck up. [The Hollywood Reporter]

America's other teen network, Fox News The CW, has announced that Claire Holt, who plays the British Original vampire girl on The Vampire Diaries, will be joining her fake brother Klaus on the upcoming spinoff The Originals. So they're keeping the family intact, which is nice. If nothing else it means that all your 'shipping categories will remain tidy. Keeps things compartmentalized and whatnot. Not that anyone is really 'shipping Rebekah with anyone, not when there's so much Klaus/Jeremy work to be done, but just in case. If she's a peripheral character, say, in a story about Jeremy having a terrible shirt allergy, while Klaus can't seem to get his belt to keep his pants up. She could factor into that in some minor way, so it helps that she'll stay in the same world as Klaus. It's good news, basically. This show could actually be something! And you know what? So could this whole shirt/pants story. Something to work on tonight. [Deadline]

Oh, Peter, no. Peter Sarsgaard has signed up to costar on the third season of AMC's resurrected The Killing. He'll play a guy running for mayor of Seattle. Haha, no. Oh, god, no. Let us all hope we are done with the positively thrilling world of Seattle mayoral politics. He's actually playing a death row inmate with a hardscrabble background. One presumes he's actually innocent? I mean, isn't that how these stories work? Well, I guess if The Killing has proven one thing, it's that you don't always have to go with the obvious plot development. Except, oh, wait, in the Rosie Larsen case [SPOILER ALERT] it was connected to the mayor's office the whole time and it was the shifty ambitious political aide and, hey, it was also the obviously-has-a-secret aunt with the spotty personal life. So, yeah, Sarsgaard's innocent. Free Sarsgaard! [Entertainment Weekly]

Here is the new international trailer for Tom Cruise's Oblivion. That's the one with a post-alien Earth explored by Tom Cruise, and Morgan Freeman in the funny sunglasses. This new trailer shows more of the great Andrea Riseborough and of Melissa Leo talking in a funny accent on a video phone. The movie certainly looks stylish — that shot of the Washington Monument in particular — but I'm worried that the secret that's being hinted at will prove, like so many ambitious sci-fi movies these days (cough, Prometheus, cough), to be not that well thought-out in the end. Not that this movie is positing itself as being as dramatically potent as Prometheus — at least the trailer isn't cut well enough to really draw the comparison — but there is a hint at some big mystery and I'm just not sure we're gonna like it. Ah, well. We'll find out soon enough.

And here's a trailer for The Internship, about Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson (I mean, they rarely actually play characters) being down-on-their-luck middle-agers who go to restart their lives by getting low-level internships at a Google-like tech company. (Or maybe it actually is Google?) They have to deal with a bunch of snarky, smarmy little ones, but of course I'm sure they'll all be friends in the end, and the two old dudes will have made themselves useful. I mean, this isn't The Killing. No complex plot developments here. Meaning, Vince Vaughn did it. Of course he did.

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