'Zero Dark Thirty' Will Screen at Guantánamo

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This should fuel some of the Zero Dark Thirty controversy fire once more: Miami Herald Guantánamo reporter Carol Rosenberg reports via Twitter that the movie about the killing of Osama bin Laden, which contains a much-debated depiction of torture, will screen at the place that became synonymous with torture.

The film, though, will not be screened for detainees: 

Former Guantánamo inmates are among the people denouncing the film. The Associated Press reported that two former detainees have said the film "legitimizes abuse."

Zero Dark Thirty was nominated for an Oscar for Best Picture, but its director Kathryn Bigelow was snubbed in a move some, including Bigelow herself, have speculated has to do with the volatile response to the film. The movie has had its detractors in the Hollywood world as well. Actors Ed Asner and Martin Sheen are part of a group urging fellow Academy voters not to support the film. 

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But as for the movie selection at Guantánamo, there should be some lighter fare before Zero Dark Thirty reaches the base: 

The most recent film that screened was not so jolly: 

Zero Dark Thirty, meanwhile, will not be shown in Pakistan after distributors decided to stay away from it given the country's tough censors, according to a Telegraph report. 

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