Yes, Ashton Kutcher's Apple Movie Is Called 'jOBS'

Today in show business news: Ashton Kutcher's Steve Jobs biopic has a release date, Nicolas Cage's Rapture movie gets even stranger, and Adam Levine will soon be hosting SNL.

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Today in show business news: Ashton Kutcher's Steve Jobs biopic has a release date, Nicolas Cage's Rapture movie gets even stranger, and Adam Levine will soon be hosting SNL.

The movie that has goof-giant Ashton Kutcher playing computer innovator and probable genius Steve Jobs will be released in April, its distributor has announced. The film is technically premiering later this month on the closing night of Sundance, but it will be available to the masses in the spring. Oh, and, um, the title of the film? It's jOBS. No, no typo there, no errant hold of the caps lock key. It's jOBS. Lowercase "j," capitalized "OBS." Maybe it's a nod to the iPhone and iPod and iPad and iScream and whatever else? Yeah. Because of Apple computers. jOBS. We're all gonna have to read and type out jOBS a lot more times before April is through. Who knows if the movie is any good or not, but with a title like jOBS — oh, and yeah, the fact that Ashton freakin' Kutcher is playing Steve frickin' Jobs — we can't imagine that it's going to be the toast of Park City. But who knows! Everyone might love jOBS. eVERYBODY cOULD lOVE jOBS. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Helping to solidify it as one of the weirdest movies currently in production, High School Musical drama diva Ashley Tisdale has joined the cast of Left Behind. That's, ahem, the big-screen reboot of the Kirk Cameron movie series based on the Evangelical adventure novel series about the end of the world, i.e. the Rapture. The one that already stars Nicolas Cage and, potentially, Chad Michael Murray. Yeah. So now Sharpay Evans is involved, playing Cage's daughter. Supposedly this version of the Rapture story is less religiously tinged, but still. What a movie, huh? What. A. Movie. Who's going to get cast next? Fran Drescher? Danny from Hey Dude? Maybe they'll go the other direction and throw some money at poor Derek Jacobi or some other old RSC bum. Whatever happens, we're pretty sure it will be strange and delightful. Cast on, odd movie! May the crazy light of your conviction light the way. [Deadline]

Oh no. Maroon 5 singer turned ubiquitous solo celebrity Adam Levine has agreed to host an episode of Saturday Night Live at the end of this month, with Kendrick Lamar as musical guest. Levine has been the musical guest before and participated in sketches, most famously that "Iran So Far" thing, but this will be his first big, all-comedy, all-the-time hosting gig. Should we watch? Will it even be fun in a weird/bad way? Or will it just come off as an annoying Voice plug with the slight undercurrent of menace that Levine always brings? Hard to say. His acting in this season of American Horror Story hasn't really clued us in on his funny potential. At least it will give those, um, lady house guests he has gently chained to pipes for their safety in his dungeon dank basement downstairs rec room some time to, uh, make their way home. Thank god at least there's that. [Entertainment Weekly]

The producers of the fitfully misguided Carrie remake — we haven't seen it, but how could it be anything but? It's a Carrie remake! Starring Chloe Grace Moretz! — has been pushed from March to October. The thinking being that a Halloween release works better for a film like this. They're probably right, too. October is a busy movie month, but it's typically full of darker fare and horror movies tend to perform well. March, however, has become a satellite of the white hot core of the summer movie season, and a dark psychosexual horror movie might not play that well when surrounded by Jack the Giant Slayer and Oz the Great and Powerful. (Right now, those movies are scheduled to come out within a week of each other. What is anyone thinking?) So, to October it is. Meaning the legacy of the old Carrie is spared a few extra months, and you'll have to listen to us complain about this movie a little bit longer. Everyone wins! [The Hollywood Reporter]

Martin Lawrence and Kelsey Grammer might be teaming up to do a sitcom together, an idea stemming from "a November meeting right before Thanksgiving between Grammer, Lawrence and Lionsgate where the two actors showed great chemistry." Aha. Never really would have thought that these two would have "great chemistry" together, but stranger things have happened. The show is said to be going for an "odd couple feel," which would make sense. When selling the show, Lionsgate is hoping to emulate the model used for Charlie Sheen's Anger Management, meaning a small initial order followed by a huge pickup (90 episodes in that show's case) if first few perform well. The show is reported to be a multicamera series, which would typically mean network, but Anger Management is on FX, plus there's always TBS and, heaven forbid, TV Land. Possibilities abound. Guess the cancellation of Boss hasn't got Grammer down! After all, he needs to earn back his fortune after losing half of it to Camille Grammer, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star he divorced a couple years ago to the tune of some $50 million. Will the duo of Kelsey & Martin do the trick? It just might. [Deadline]

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