Will This Finally Be the Year of the OutKast Reunion?

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Big Boi—half of the legendary duo OutKast—might soon appear on the same Frank Ocean track as his longtime partner Andre 3000, causing over-eager blogs to herald a "reunion." But we're holding out for the real deal: both rappers, in the same studio, working on an OutKast album.

Big Boi recently posted a photo of some hand-written lyrics on his Tumblr. The caption read, "Dropping a verse on this Frank Ocean 'Pink Matter.'" Obsessive fans who've been waiting years for OutKast to follow up their just-OK 2006 album Idlewild (soundtrack to the film of the same name) were quick to note that Big Boi's added verse would put him on the same track as Andre 3000, who previously guested on Ocean's 2012-defining album Channel Orange. Music blog Prefix even went so far as to headline a post about Big Boi's stitched in spot, "OutKast To Reunite..." Back when Ocean released the album, Big Boi tweeted that he didn't originally appear on the track alongside Andre because they wanted to save any OutKast reunion for their own work. 

But that new OutKast material has been a long time in the works, without much to show for it. They've been promising new albums since 2008, but record label battles, previous commitments to shoot Gillette razor commercials, and Andre 3000's sidelined recording efforts have prevented such material from coming out. Though fans should be wary of believing any new announcements at this point, Big Boi says he'll appear on the latest T.I. song, which also features Andre 3000, soon. People who've been hungry for a new album are getting a little impatient though: 

Oh, and since we're all telling the OutKast guys how to conduct their careers now, let's demand to see that Big Boi-Kate Bush collaboration he's been talking about for years actually happen this year, too. Because with Bush still making creative, well-reviewed music and Big Boi still clearly at the top of his game (see last night's performance on Letterman below for the evidence), that pairing would be amazing—and probably insane. 

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