Why Tina Turner Won't Be an American Citizen Anymore

It's not quite as nefarious as Gerard Depardieu's exodus from France, but still: We'll miss those pipes.

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Those famous legs will soon no longer be the famous legs of an American: Tina Turner is handing in her U.S. passport and becoming a Swiss citizen. It's not quite as nefarious as Gerard Depardieu's exodus from France — though inevitably comparisons will be made, Fox News — since, according to the AFP, the Tennessee-born singer has lived in Switzerland since 1995, when she moved along with her partner, Erwin Bach, a German record executive. And Turner has become really popular in Switzerland, according to the Telegraph — two spiritual albums she collaborated on, Beyond and Children Beyond, made the Swiss charts.

Turner lives in Küsnacht and speaks German. Though you might want to jump to conclusion about taxes being behind this move, Forbes' Robert Wood thinks that might not be the case: "There’s little to suggest taxes motivate the decision, and Swiss rates are high."

It's not quite a done deal yet. According to the AP, there are still some formal approval steps that need to be made, but, still, she's kind of breaking our hearts. Of course, as Tina herself sang, who needs a heart when a heart can be broken?

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