Taye Diggs vs. The Burglar

Today in celebrity news: Taye Diggs has apprehended a thief, Taylor Swift and Harry Styles have an awkward run-in in France, and Jennifer Lawrence has a wardrobe malfunction. 

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Today in celebrity news: Taye Diggs has apprehended a thief, Taylor Swift and Harry Styles have an awkward run-in in France, and Jennifer Lawrence has a wardrobe malfunction. 

Taye Diggs, Private Practice actor and finder of Stella's groove, was at home in Los Angeles last night after the Screen Actors Guild Awards when he caught someone breaking into his house. When confronted by Diggs, the burglar apparently said "I loved you in Rent!" and then ran away. Or maybe he just ran way. Whatever happened exactly, Diggs went after the guy, chasing him down the street and catching him. He then held the guy, who TMZ says was about 20 years old, until the police came. Which is all pretty serious! I mean, it's cool that he caught him and everything, but that could have gone very differently. And a lot worse. So, don't anyone else get any ideas. If you catch an intruder in your home, don't go chasing after them. Especially if you've got Idina Menzel at home! Just have her use one of her banshee sing-blasts to flatten the guy against the wall from a safe distance and wait for the authorities to arrive. One final note from "Defying Gravity" and the guy will be down for the count. Remember that for the future, Taye. [TMZ]

Ex-lovers (ew) Taylor Swift and Harry Styles were both at the same French awards show this weekend, and Swift made sure to studiously avoid Styles. She was barely backstage, changing at her hotel so she wouldn't run into him and carefully choreographed her red carpet arrival to be some 25 minutes after Styles. So she was really serious about not seeing him. Except that when she performed her song "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" she apparently looked directly at him. Which... way to do it? "I don't want to talk to you or even see you... Until I perform my corny song. Then I'll look right at you." Look, I don't doubt that Harry has behaved buffoonishly about this whole thing at some point too, and I'm not trying to make some big "chicks are crazy" point, but if this is true (which it very well may not be), then Taylor Swift is kind of a weirdo. I mean, she's 23 years old. Shouldn't she be past acting like this? Who knows. It's just strange. Two young people being weird about each other at an awards show in Cannes. While the rest of us, I dunno, got cheap brunch and went home to our cats. [Us Weekly]

Jennifer Lawrence had a wee wardrobe mishap last night at the SAGs. While going up on stage to get her award, some oaf put their chair down on her dress, so when she walked away it ripped. Then when hiking up her dress to walk up the stairs onto the stage, she basically showed her thighs to the whole world! What a disaster! I mean, nobody really seemed to care, but I bet you'd feel pretty bad if you were whoever oaf it was who oafishly ripped her fancy dress with your oaf chair. So let's all take a second to shame the oaf. Shame the oaf, everyone!!! Shame, oaf! Shame. [Daily Mail]

Speaking of SAG dresses, here is a slideshow of all the highlights and lowlights. There was a lot of black this year for some reason, maybe because people were preemptively in mourning for that thing that happened on Downton Abbey last night. Or maybe because stylists get to talking in Los Angeles. You'd think everyone would keep it a secret, but sure enough year after year there are these common trends throughout the gowns. Lots of sparkly column dresses as well. And then there was Rose Byrne in a Valentino dress that looked like both one of the prom dresses in Carrie and like a costume that one of She-Ra's friends would wear. Not very good. Ah well. It doesn't really matter. Oscar dresses are the real big deal here. This is just practice. [Us Weekly]

Careful, Internet commenters! Depending on who you insult, you could get sued. That's what's happening to someone who said something bad about new Real Housewives of Miami star Lisa Hochstein, anyway. The commenter, named Jessica Lederman, went on a website and said that Hochstein was an escort in Las Vegas for a time and did soft-core pornography. Hochstein says "Nunh unh!" and is now suing for $15,000. Yikes! Who knows if the case has merit, but it's pretty intense that it would happen at all. I suppose it's possible that the two actually know each other, and that's why Hochstein is so bothered by it, but if it's just an anonymous person? Pretty crazy. Let it be a warning, I suppose. Only compliments about Real Housewives stars from now on, guys. Unless you're rich and can afford to get sued and really, really want to insult the Real Housewives on the Internet. [TMZ]

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen have nearly completed their ludicrous $20 million Brentwood castle, as new aerial photographs show. Yes it's creepy that we're looking at aerial photographs of their house, but jeez louise just look at that thing. It looks like Schönbrunn. The house has eight bedrooms, a six-car garage, a wine cellar, and a huge pool with a spa. All this for throwing a ball and posing for photographs. Amazing country we live in! [Daily Mail]

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