The Strokes' Latest 'Comeback' Has Begun, Apparently

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Bands don't even have to go on hiatus very long for people to call it a "comeback" when new material rolls out. The Strokes coughed up their last album, Angles, just two years ago. But 2013's reunion fever has fans already dreaming of a fifth Strokes album, and maybe—just maybe—another tour. The push that set it all in motion? A radio station that claims to have their hands on the new single from the garage rock revivalists. Seattle's 107.7 The End wrote the following last night on Facebook:

Previewing brand new Strokes "All the Time" thanks to RCA Records. We'll have to "leak" this soon. You won't be disappointed... -mike

Which sent Strokes fans into a panic. This is the first info on new material from the New York band—the last time we heard from their manager, the official word was that the Strokes were definitely not working on a new album or any other new material. They've been busy, after all. Singer Julian Casablancas has been trying to sell his West Village apartment. Drummer Fabrizio Moretti has been taking long walks with his girlfriend Kristen Wiig. Guitarist Albert Hammond, Jr. quit smoking. Who knows when The End will "leak" this track (probably a reference to that time they played singles from the last Strokes album a little too early), but the station's program director Mike Kaplan says it is the lead-off single to a complete album. And he thinks it's "amazing." 

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